Shoot, shovel and shut up

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Shoot, shovel and shut up

Wherein bagkitty gets to quote Ralph Klein... post to follow.


Bagkitty, I have always admired your sense of considered and balanced fairness when all around you are just wasting their energies on unproductive anger.  Your proposal offers a quick, practical, sensible, and even ecologically friendly if done properly solution to a problem that everyone else has just been moaning about for years.



edited to add:  For a second I thought you were referring to the Mayor as a bovine spongiform encephalopathy, which while possibly politically incorrect on some obscure level, made me smile.


That was brilliant. Such a shelter is desperately needed. Are there any LGBT shelters for adults? I know a gay man who had a horrific time in a homeless shelter. He would have slept rough instead, if it hadn't been the worst winter in decades.

People here had to practically beg to get funding extended for an Aboriginal shelter here - another very vulnerable group, and a growing clientele of shelters "down south".

You are right that this is far more important - it can be a matter of life and death. Kids are still kicked out of home for being LGBT, and then face violence and rejection in shelters or on the streets.

Serious as this matter is, I'm sure Montreal Simon would have a lot of fun with it, with his love of lurid B movie shots and his loathing for Ford...

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Today on Joe.My.God there is an interesting little piece on Toronto's mayor... I would draw your attention to the "RELATED" link that appears at the bottom of the article. The whole question of Mayor Ford's rudeness to one side, I was most interested to read the following:

JMG wrote:

He also refused the councilwoman's plea to lift his hold on an item that would authorize a study to create a homeless shelter for LGBT youth.

It really doesn't bother me that much that he refused to participate in the standing ovation for the organizers of World Pride... I get a little tired of seeing any level of government wasting time doing the patting on the back thing - or offering condolences when some politico somewhere else in the world kicks the bucket - there is usually at least one constituency that is going to be offended anyway [think Thatcher, or if Free Dominion was still around, Mandela]. It does, however, induce a certain amount of rage on my part to see this asshat of a mayor being able to block a study into the need for support for homeless LGBT youth, and the press completely burying the story.

When the first case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease) was discovered in Alberta, the late unlamented Ralph Klein was quoted as saying he wished the rancher who discovered the sick cow had simply "shot, shovelled and shut up" -- I am beginning to feel that might be a good way of dealing with the Mayor of Toronto.

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Miserable bastard. Sole vote against exploring the issue and finding better ways of addressing the needs of the youth affected.



That is a new low for Ford, which in his case is saying a lot.

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*grins* if we use a backhoe instead of a shovel, we can send him to new lows


I can think of others to add to the list

Ken Burch

I volunteer to shoplift the shovel from WalMart.


I prefer graphics of Rob and Doug.