Trans black bodies under attacks and transmisogyny

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takeitslowly wrote:

good to know but it doesnt really matter what the laws are , as long as it we live in a  social reality where people can hold prejudices and make judgements.

I understand and agree that the social reality is the biggest barrier to living a "normal" and equal life.

But yes it does matter what the laws are. Trans people and their allies have fought for many many years to achieve those laws. They should be defended, and used. Québec was one of the first jurisdictions in the western world to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation (in 1977). It has made a huge difference. Sometimes laws follow changes in people's consciousness, and sometimes they precede them. Usually it's complex. But changing everyone's prejudices and judgements first? How do you do that? Human rights legislation gives people an ability to actually challenge and win situations of discrimination, where before, you could only count on individual enlightenment. Doesn't work.




The violence has been happening in Canada for decades:

  • Cassandra Do – murdered in 2003 in Toronto. Remains unsolved
  • Divas Belanger – murdered in 2004 in Winnipeg. Theodore Herntier convicted of murder in 2015
  • January Marie Lapuz – murdered in 2012 in New Westminster, BC. Charles Jameson Mungo convicted of manslaughter in 2014
  • Sumaya Dalmar – found dead in 2015 in Toronto