Uganda MPs Pass Bill Punishing Homosexuality With Life in Prison

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Uganda MPs Pass Bill Punishing Homosexuality With Life in Prison

Ugandan MPS Pass Bill Punishing Homosexuality With Life in Prison

"The Uganda parliament has ratified a bill that will see homosexuals imprisoned for life, if the person is caught in the act more than once, according to activists and reports on Friday..."

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Towleroad is carrying a report from NTV Uganda that the Ugandan government's representative in Canada had been called in by Foreign Affairs and asked why Canada shouldn't just sever diplomatic ties with Uganda if President Museveni signs the new anti-gay legislation into law.

Towleroad wrote:

Alintuma Nsambu, Uganda's envoy to Canada, said in an interview Wednesday that he had been summoned by the Canadian Foreign Ministry to explain why Canada shouldn't sever diplomatic ties with Uganda over the antigay bill. He said he had communicated Canada's concerns to the Ugandan government. The Canadian consulate in Kampala didn't immediately respond to calls and emails seeking to confirm the meeting.

At the time of posting I can find no confirmation of this story from Canadian sources.

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Museveni has signed the bill into law. You can read the full text of it here.


read the whole text and it has freakin undertones of religion in it!!!! then i went and found a CBC article saying the NA Evangelicals are behind it!!!!!

ya right! here they're pretending differently "love the person hate the sin" crap....while running 'charity functions' to make money to take to Africa.


Why stop at severing ties with Uganda? Russia has criminalized the LGBTQ community, the state of Arizona has legalized discrimination against LGBTQ people ... I mean, WTF? God forbid we criticize our trading partners over something as trivial as basic human rights.


"Red Pepper publishes names under headline of 'Exposed' day after president signs anti-gay bill."


"respect African values"


Umm homosexuality was present in Africa before colonists and was not discriminated against (and in some cases celebrated of institutionalized) but the laws against it came with colonization.  So we are respecting african values in opposing it



Of all the stupid things to scapegoat for all your stupid fucking problems. Fuck off, Uganda.