What Kind of Operation is This?

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What Kind of Operation is This?



Guide to the CAMH Gender Identity Clinic Surgery Process, by A.J. Withers
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The gender identity clinic at CAMH, headed by Dr. Ken Zucker is quite controversial, and has attracted widespread criticism from within the transgender community.  I had the opportunuty to attend a presentation at my work by Hershel Russell, a female to male transitioned man, and a psychotherapist.  (parenthetically, [hence the parenthesese] days later I ran into him at a post G20 demonstration at police headquarters which was kinda cool and we got to chat for a minute)  Anyway, he articulates what I, in my limited knowledge would accept as a more progressive approach to this issue, especially in dealing with children who present as outside sociatel gender norms.

If you do a google search for "ken Zucker" " "CAMH controversy" or even Hershel Russell, you can come up with some interesting stuff.  I just finished watching a video interview with the two of them.  They were very collegial and only sort of hinted at the edges of any disagreement.

I would like to note that CAMH is a huge institution which does many different things, some of them reasonably well.


[url=http://metronews.ca/news/toronto/1315743/outcry-prompts-camh-to-review-i... prompts CAMH to review its controversial treatment of trans youth[/url]

Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health has stopped accepting new patients to its Gender Identity Services clinic for youth because of outcry from the public.

CAMH is reviewing the mental health services it offers to youth age three to 18 who are struggling with gender identity or require services related to being transgender.

The centre started the review process a few months ago because of complaints, particularly from the trans community, that its services “weren’t respectful” of patients’ gender identity, medical director Dr. Kwame McKenzie told Metro. New patients won’t be accepted until the review is finished.

Criticism of CAMH and the doctor in charge of the youth gender identity service — Dr. Kenneth Zucker — has been building online. At the heart of the issue is what’s called “conversion therapy” or “reparative therapy:” designed to stop people from being gay or transgender.

One example of the outcry is an online petition that alleges Zucker has been doing reparative therapy with trans youth at CAMH for years, causing more harm than good to a population that already has an increased risk of suicide.

“You can make them afraid and/or hate themselves, but you cannot change who they are,” it reads.

NDP MPP Cheri DiNovo tabled a private member’s bill last week that would ban reparative therapy for youth, citing the damaging effects it has on patients.

CAMH’s own guidelines say it should not offer this kind of therapy, McKenzie said. His own opinion is that it should be illegal in Ontario.

“That is not supposed to be the aim of the clinic,” he said