What nations are the worst for Gays?

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What nations are the worst for Gays?

statistically, like in terms of FEAR and VIOLENT KILLINGS,

I know Canada is good  and many states in the US are PROGRESSING every 5 years...which is a positive sign. I know Israel, India, Thailand, Australia all have enough foundation for Gays to start a movement

I'm a firm believer that media that blasts same nations about gays are not necessarily the worst, but tthe nations that actually are progressing and the gay voice is picking steam and strong enough to be heard.. which in 10 years, u think every western nation or the ones mentioned above will be like our own TORONTO downtown when it comes to gays and they will be accepted 100% which is how it should be.

But nations that are not discussed to be having gay issues, are usually the nations that are the worst off where gays dont even get a voice.. any horror stories?

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I must say that you come up with the best...IMGs?...on a consistent basis than everyone else here combined.


Eleutherophobics of the World...Unite!!!

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Well Mahmoud, taking you at face value, I would suggest you could read through the following link from Wikipedia, which is updated regularly. It gives the legal status in basically every country in the world.

Its contents should not necessarily be taken at face value. A good example would be the case of Jamaica... while only male homosexual acts are illegal, there is an extremely high reported level of "vigilante" violence being reported and a lot is made of pop culture reference to "Killing batty man" (a slang reference to gay men) by reggae and dance hall musicians, and all these reports seem to indicate there is government and or police complicity and an air of approval. The offenders are seldom charged. Another example would be Iraq, homosexual acts are no longer illegal, but there is an escalating pattern of violence and murder against gay men.

Western press reports indicate that there are a number of countries where violence towards LGBT communities is high and rising: Jamaica, Zimbabwe, a number of states with extreme interpretations of Sharia law (Saudia Arabia, Iran and Sudan all have the death penalty), Iraq as mentioned, and official hostility from the parties in power in Poland, Russia, Singapore and Malaysia are also troublesome. There are also cases like South Africa where the government has done great work, but there is an increasing level of violence being inflicted on LGBT communities (the reports coming out of South Africa are particularly concerning, as the violence is expressing itself as gang-rapes of Lesbians).

Another very troublesome case is the United States, for each step forward (most of the New England states now either recognizing same sex marriage or being on the road to doing so) there is at least one step backward (Federal inaction on DOMA, Don't Ask, Don't Tell etc., more states seeking to amend their state consitution to prohibit recognition of same-sex relationships). There is also the matter of overtly homophobic violence, which, even acknowleding that it is underrported, is on the rise and grotesquely out of proportion to the size of the population represented in what is reported.

On the positive side, there have been a number of recent improvements in the laws in much of Latin America, the latest being Uruguay which has within the past couple of weeks changed the laws to make the laws governing adoption equal with reference to same-sex couples. There are also court challenges to anti-sodomy laws in India and some indication that the government may be willing to at least entertain the idea of decriminalization.

Perhaps it is merely coincidental... but being a former British colony seems to be a negative indicator. The level of secularization of a country seems to have a great bearing also. As mentioned a number of countries with strict interpretations of Sharia law are among the most dangerous. It is important, though, not to equate this with Islam. There are the examples of Turkey where homosexuality, per se, was decriminalized in the 1850's (at the time Imperial Britain was imposing sodomy laws on its colonies) and the most populous Muslim country in the world (Indonesia) where there are no laws against gay sex with the exception of Aceh province.



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Ok, I don't get it. That's actor / comedian David Cross. But what's the joke? (Cross played an oblivious psychiatrist who made acute observations about others while being in complete denial of his own obvious homosexuality in the "Arrested Development" TV show. But the animation does not look like that that role. )

Edited to add: I pasted the graphic url into the amazing visual search engine tineye.com and found that it's just Cross saying "what the fuck". I am a little disapointed.


Sven wrote:

I must say that you come up with the best...IMGs?...on a consistent basis than everyone else here combined.


Eleutherophobics of the World...Unite!!!

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[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/local/schools-full-of-homophobia-resear... high schools full of homophobia[/url]

High schools are "the land that time forgot" in the ongoing battle to eradicate homophobia, laments University of Winnipeg education and communications Prof. Catherine Taylor.

"It's a non-issue for so many people these days. They don't recognize how bad the situation is for so many people," said Taylor. She and University of Manitoba sociology Prof. Tracy Peter are conducting a national survey on homophobia in schools.

"Kids are being tormented and terrorized, and very little is being done about it," she said.

Taylor says the findings of their first phase are not surprising -- the vast majority of gay and lesbian students who responded to the survey reported verbal homophobic attacks in their high school, sometimes physical abuse, and could identify areas of their school where they don't feel safe, such as washrooms, gym change rooms, and hallways.

The result was hardly surprising when teenagers freely use as pejoratives words such as "fag" and "queer" in an environment where few students are brave enough to step forward and say such terms are wrong, said Taylor.

As well, "A lot of straight kids are bullied homophobically at school," she pointed out.

The national survey of homophobia in Canadian schools is providing a data base remarkably similar to surveys in the United States and United Kingdom, she said.



Second attack on gays in a month in London, Ontario:




"We have a very active hate community in London. When we have the Pride Parade, you see them out with the posters. That doesn't happen in other cities. It's very organized and it's violent."

Not to mention a right wing press that gives podiums to the coat holders.


There is/was a CBC program today on death squads in Iraq that target gays. I didn't hear the program or time [and it may have been an announcement for a future program.]

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Published on Friday, May 5, 2006 by the Independent / UK

Iraqi Police 'Killed 14-Year-Old Boy for Being Homosexual'

by Jerome Taylor


Human rights groups have condemned the "barbaric" murder of a 14-year-old boy, who, according to witnesses, was shot on his doorstep by Iraqi police for the apparent crime of being gay.

Ahmed Khalil was shot at point-blank range after being accosted by men in police uniforms, according to his neighbours in the al-Dura area of Baghdad.

Shiite spiritual leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani (AFP/File)

Campaign groups have warned of a surge in homophobic killings by state security services and religious militias following an anti-gay and anti-lesbian fatwa issued by Iraq's most prominent Shia leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani.

Ali Hili, the co-ordinator of a group of exiled Iraqi gay men who monitor homophobic attacks inside Iraq, said the fatwa had instigated a "witch-hunt of lesbian and gay Iraqis



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LGBT rights in iraq


Homosexuality is currently decriminalized - but abhorred in Iraq. Many LGBT people in the country suffer from discrimination, abuse, and murder, predominantly in Baghdad but now possibly as far out as Najaf and Basra from Shi'ite death squads made up of the remnants of the Mahdi Army and the Badr Corps.[2] [3] There are even allegations that uniformed Iraqi police officers have carried out lethal attacks on homosexual and transgender Iraqis, which is very likely true given the fact that the SCIRI and Muqtada al-Sadr were able to get their men into the police battalions.[4




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Thanks Susan, although the information in the first of your posts is now about 3.5 years old, hardly news. The most recent report on violence against gays in Iraq is probably this one dated sometime in August of the current year and reported on by the BBC. It does not seem to have made much of an impact... and there was not a lot of mention here in the North American media. I guess the powers that be consider it to be of less importance than a boy who may or may not be in a balloon or a bunch of people running around the country holding a burning stick (or is that some kind of molded metal).


I think the US is still pretty bad and so is Canada to an extent. Many people hate gays and detest same sex marriage for some reason and you heard it here first, when Harper gets his majority within a year, same sex marriage will be one of the first things to go . Hopefully if they do get rid of equal marriage they at least keep civil unions.  Once Chairman Harper  gets his majority the dark ages will return to Canada. I would bet my life on it.


There is nit a chance even that ass Harper can roll back Equal Marriage. This, thankfully, isn't the US where it is a ballot issue to be voted on by the masses. There would have to be an entire Charter challenge to roll back EM. Not going to happen, as much as the pigs who call themselves "Canada's Governmemt" want it to.

Mike Stirner

Uganda is about to pass a law that would have gay hiv positive people executed, that's something of a sad standard.


Boy how victorian ideology has destroyed to an extent african sexuality.