Criticism of Manitoba Conservative government and Pallister

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On to other issues, the Manitoba government has announced the end of birth alerts:


The Manitoba government is ending the controversial practice of sending out birth alerts for expectant mothers who are considered to be high risk.

In a release on Friday morning, Families Minister Heather Stefanson confirmed the government will stop the practice effective April 1, saying a review found no evidence to prove birth alerts increase the safety of children.

“To build a relationship with an at-risk mother and connect her with the programs and supports she needs, first we need to build trust,” said Stefanson in the release.

“Birth alerts are having the opposite effect, discouraging moms and families from reaching out at a time when we most want to work with them.

“This decades-old practice will end in Manitoba as part of our commitment to transform the child welfare system and connect families with community-based supports and services.”

I have to give Stefanson credit here. The child welfare system was so broken under the NDP that it seems any change is an improvement from what we had before.