Giant Tiger Methods in Regina!

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Giant Tiger Methods in Regina!



Hey NR, wrong regional forum.


Giant Tiger suspends employee after Indigenous man followed at Regina store

A Facebook video that went viral this weekend shows the man walking around the store gathering groceries while a loss-prevention employee follows him.


This also happened back in the summer. The employee lost his job, but was not fired.

That is to say, it happens all the time. It just doesn't hit the media every day.


voice of the damned

Just out of curiousity, but when did Giant Tiger become a national thing? Wikipedia says they were founded in 1961, but I don't think I ever heard about them operating in Edmonton when I lived there(moved away in the early 2000s). I went into one for the first time ever in the Ottawa area a couple of months back(looking for something they didn't sell}.


I only knew about them as a very cheap-and-crappy store in Ottawa on the edge of the market. I discovered that there were a couple in out-of-the-way and down-and-out parts of Montréal by accident, and we aren't very far from Ottawa. Funny how retail is working. Simons, which while not Holts is rather more upmarket than the Bay, is doing well, unlike the other remaining big chains, and Dollarama is still expanding (though I think less than a few years ago).

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The chain started off in eastern Ontario and expanded into Quebec and further throughout Ontario. Somewhere along the way, they made a deal with the Manitoba-based North West Company to expand into the prairies. I'm not sure how that works because the signage on the stores in Winnipeg are definitely the same Giant Tiger signs as back east. My friends and I used to call the lowertown location in Ottawa, "Boutique TG".


voice of the damned

Thx for the info, lagatta and laine.