History of the Manitoba NDP

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History of the Manitoba NDP


^ This 2004 thread seems like it was interesting, despite being made a relic due to forum software changes.  

I still wanted to answer the OP's 2004 question: No, the Manitoba NDP/CCF was never really a farmer-centric, agrarian socialist party like the Saskatchewan NDP. The NDP's had some farmer support, through marginal farmers in the Interlake Region, but most of the farming class/southern rural Manitoba swung Liberal/PC. The Independent Labour Party/Manitoba CCF/Manitoba NDP has had, for most of it's history, a power base concentrated in North/North-Central Winnipeg and Northern Manitoba. Since the 2000's, the Manitoba NDP has also managed to dominated the 'Peg's 'burbs. 


Nelson Wiseman has a great article on the dynamics of party politics in this province called "Is the NDP Manitoba's Natural Governing Party?".