Opposition Conservatives force court challenge against Gay-Straight Alliances

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Opposition Conservatives force court challenge against Gay-Straight Alliances

Such a shame that Manitoba Conservatives are challenging NDP anti-bullying legs that requires schools to accept Gay-Straight Alliances.

Opposition calls for changes, court reference for Manitoba anti-bullying bill

Same opposition happen here in Ontario from the Catholic separate school boards.

Manitoba's Opposition Progressive Conservatives are calling for a court review of the province's new anti-bullying bill, which would require schools to accommodate gay-straight alliances, before it can take effect.

"It should be referred to the Manitoba Court of Appeal for their opinion, so we don't have it tied up in costly litigation," Tory education critic Kelvin Goertzen said Thursday.

The Tories also proposed major changes to the bill, including a tighter definition of what constitutes bullying, one day before it was due to come to a final vote.

As was the case with a similar recent law in Ontario, some religious leaders in Manitoba have said Bill 18 violates the religious freedom of faith-based schools by forcing them to accept gay-straight alliances.


More than 300 Manitobans spoke at public hearings on the bill. Supporters said it will promote tolerance and diversity. Some opponents said it goes against biblical teachings, while other secular opponents said it does nothing to prevent bullying in schools.

Education Minister Nancy Allan pointed to the many adults who told the hearings they would have benefited from gay-straight alliances during their time in school. The alliances are support groups that show gay students they are not alone, Allan said.

Good for the Man NDP for putting this legislation through.