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[size=12]Apology accepted, but unnecessary. I recently re-posted a story about a shopper being trampled to death in the U.S. on Black Friday - it was going viral - but turned out to be a few years old. If I had a nickel for all those apologies lol...[/size]



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So it looks like the NDP had to [url= an advisor[/url] who is facing criminal charges. Problem is, this man also tried to be a Liberal candidate, but the Liberals found this out ahead of time and rejected him, to their credit. So how does the second party, with all its base and supporters, fail to do its homework in advance while the hapless Liberals caught on quickly?

I'm not judging this individual while the matter is before the courts, but the optics of someone facing criminal charges is not good.

[size=14]Isn't this story 6 years old? I wonder what happened to the criminal charges, though.[/size]

[size=16]And the formatting. Mods! Or felixr!! Hey![/size]