Sasketchewan Election Nov 2 2020

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Sasketchewan Election Nov 2 2020

Toxic gas nearly killed this oil worker. His employer never told the province

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I don't know how well a guy named Navdeep Anwar is going to do in a place like Saskatchewan. They tend to be rural Conservatives, who might switch to the NDP, not the evidently cosmopolitan (and hence elitist) Liberals.

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It will be here two party race between the SP and the NDP. A strong liberal showing will be good for the NDP but I don't see it happening


It's sad to see some of the people on the pro-pipeline and fossil fuel side. 

Funny thing about the Global Strike For Climate happening in Regina is that it will effectively be a counter-protest.

Over the past few months, the Saskatchewan legislative grounds have been the site of protests organized by people with a decidedly different outlook on climate change: yellow-vest protesters and other pro-pipeline activists who are opposed to the very notion that we need to address fossil-fuel extraction if we’re to halt global warming.

While Canadian media have tended to paint these anti-carbon tax protests as “pro-pipeline rallies,” the messaging from organizers has strayed pretty far from the economics of the oil patch.

Social media posts by prominent yellow-vesters and signs at yellow-vest gatherings regularly call for the executions of Justin Trudeau and Alberta premier Rachel Notley for the crime of treason. And the entire movement has become tangled up with anti-immigrant sentiments and racist conspiracy theories. It’s not uncommon to see slogans about supporting pipelines alongside those stating we need to protect our borders from an influx of dangerous illegal immigrants.

White supremacist and neo-Nazi groups like the Soldiers of Odin and the Northern Guard have mingle quite comfortably at yellow-vest and other pro-pipeline gatherings.

Okay, sure — one such gathering of anti-carbon tax protesters on Jan. 8 on the Legislature steps officially requested no yellow vesters or anti-immigrant activists attend. And Saskatchewan premier Scott Moe found time in his day to address this crowd.

He was just there, he said, to show his support for workers worried about the potential collapse of Canada’s resource sector.

Let’s see if he can spare a few minutes on March 15 to show his support for students worried about the collapse of civilization.



If these yellow vesters don't want refugees to come into Canada, you think they would be all over taking meaningful action on climate change. What do they think people are going to do as North Africa and the Middle East dry up?


Aristotleded24 wrote:

If these yellow vesters don't want refugees to come into Canada, you think they would be all over taking meaningful action on climate change. What do they think people are going to do as North Africa and the Middle East dry up?

They don't care if they live or die-as long as they're not here


Activists say Saskatchewan carbon tax ruling is ‘great news for climate action’


Can somebody please explain why this is happening?


As door-to-door canvassing is allowed to begin, the governing Saskatchewan Party is showing a healthy advantage over the NDP in both fundraising and polling ahead of the October 26 provincial election.

On Tuesday, the provincial government announced that door-to-door soliciting will now be allowed, which means you may soon see political parties and candidates on your doorstep.

The Saskatchewan Party showed a healthy fundraising lead of roughly $2 million over the NDP in 2019.


The most recent public poll by EKOS Research, released earlier this month, had the Sask. Party leading the NDP by 25 points - 57 per cent to 32 per cent among decided voters.

The poll was conducted in June and July and surveyed 1,240 people. The margin of error associated with the total sample is +/- 2.8 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

This is very unusual for a government having been around this long to be polling this well against the opposition. People get tired of the same party in power, and even in a couple of polls the NDP led the Saskatchewan Party in this government's life. What's going on here?

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They have the money. They have the press in their back pocket. They are running the province more to the left of what many people would expect so they are doing their destruction at a slower more piecemeal pace that avoids a lot of attention and bad publicity.

The majority of the seats are in the rural areas which are solidly Conservstive. The focus of the NDP will be to fight for seats in the urban centres where they have their base to work from.

The Saskatchewan Party has more than doubled our total provincial debt and they have managed to do so by cutting back on social programs. If this was the NDP in power there would've been a howl years ago, but all you hear are crickets.

The old guard of the NDP who survived the 1930s and built up and sustained the social movement are gone now. Times are not that bad for many and the majority of people don't pay attention or easily forget.

The SP government has a big agricultural irrigation  infrastructure development project underway that it can use to market that they are there to create new jobs and invest in the future of the province.

There are no restrictions or limits in Saskatchewan on politicsl donations. This benefits the Saskatchewan Party.

Ryan Meili is a good leader but he's not getting the media focus which is disturbing.  I am hoping that they at least retain their seats and don't get blown off the map entirely which is quite possible.


Remember that the Saskatchewan Party favours law and order:


Six candidates running for the Saskatchewan Party have previous convictions for drunk driving. That's almost 10 per cent of the 61 candidates running for the party in the fall election.

The party's office made the disclosure on Friday afternoon, shortly before the start of the long weekend. 

Four of the candidates are current MLAs for the Saskatchewan Party, including Premier Scott Moe. Those convictions had been publicly revealed before the last election. 

Today, the party disclosed that two new candidates — Terry Jenson, running in Martensville-Warman, and Manny Sadhra, running in Saskatoon Fairview — also have been convicted of impaired driving. 

Some of the convictions are from decades ago while others are quite recent. In two cases, the politicians have been convicted twice.

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Premier Scott Moe had his impaired driving conviction in 1992 according to the article.