Those Other Saskatchewan Elections

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Those Other Saskatchewan Elections

While there are provincial elections in Saskatchewan, it is also municipal election season in a few weeks.

Most interesting to me for the first post is Saskatoon. Backed by community interests, he defeated business-backed Don Atchison 4 years ago. It seems to be the major progressive outpost against a right-wing provincial government, but it seems right now that it is in danger of falling due to anger over bike lanes and a botched organics collection rollout. Rob Morris, a former Saskatchewan Party MLA, is running, and has apparenly lied about not running a slate for council. Anyone who follows ins-and-outs of municipal politics knows that different interest groups run slates in municipal elections to see their agenda through. Why would he insult our intelligence about something that is obvious? Former Mayor Don Atchison is running again.

Any other news? Is ther any sign that the dominance of the developer lobby in Regina is under threat? How about elections in other cities?



Shake-up in Regina?


Sandra Masters, a new face to Regina politics, is the new face of the city, winning against incumbent mayor Michael Fougere in the nine-way race for the top job at city hall.

“I’m excited for our city,“ Masters said, addressing reporters shortly after 10 p.m. inside City Hall. “I’m excited for what our city can do and what our people can achieve.”

When results started to come in, Masters took an early lead and held it, the race coming down to the incumbent and the challenger. At the end of the night Masters held 19,015 votes or 46.38 per cent of ballots cast for mayor. Fougere had 35.73 per cent of the vote which was 4,366 fewer votes than Masters.

“I won’t hide my disappointment,” said the outgoing mayor, who had been seeking third term. “I expected and wanted to win, but at the same time, voters have spoken.”

This was Masters first foray into municipal politics. And the first time she will hold public office, it will be in the top job on city council.

Can anybody from Regnia comment? Is this a change in leadership, or is it new boss same as the old boss?


Good news in Saskatoon:


Charlie Clark has won a second term as the mayor of Saskatoon.

In the face of a snowstorm, a global pandemic and an historic election that saw voters have to wait four days after the scheduled polling date, Saskatoon has re-elected Clark, bringing the veteran Saskatoon politician back to the council table.

Clark beat five others vying for the city's top job: former Sask. Party MLA Rob Norris, former mayor Don Atchison, Zubair Sheikh, Cary Tarasoff and Mark Zielke.

Clark earned 27,377 votes, putting him ahead of Norris (15,261), Atchison (11,722), Tarasoff (2,650), Sheikh (721) and Zielke (639).