Those Other Saskatchewan Elections

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Those Other Saskatchewan Elections

While there are provincial elections in Saskatchewan, it is also municipal election season in a few weeks.

Most interesting to me for the first post is Saskatoon. Backed by community interests, he defeated business-backed Don Atchison 4 years ago. It seems to be the major progressive outpost against a right-wing provincial government, but it seems right now that it is in danger of falling due to anger over bike lanes and a botched organics collection rollout. Rob Morris, a former Saskatchewan Party MLA, is running, and has apparenly lied about not running a slate for council. Anyone who follows ins-and-outs of municipal politics knows that different interest groups run slates in municipal elections to see their agenda through. Why would he insult our intelligence about something that is obvious? Former Mayor Don Atchison is running again.

Any other news? Is ther any sign that the dominance of the developer lobby in Regina is under threat? How about elections in other cities?