Thunder Bay Manitoba And Covid: Righting A Past Injustice

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Thunder Bay Manitoba And Covid: Righting A Past Injustice

A long time ago, much of the area that is currently Northwestern Ontario, was claimed by Manitoba. Ontario eventually won that dispute, pushing the boundary westward to the Whiteshell Provincial Park.

The covid pandemic has exposed how impractical this arrangement is. Manitoba is controlling the provincial boundary during this pandemic, however people going to their cottages in Northwestern Ontario are exempt from the self-isolation requirements upon returning. Although this exemption is based on priviledge more than anything else, it raises a practical problem. For many residents in Northwestern Ontario, by geography it is more practical to do business in Manitoba, which is currently hampered by the checkpoint. Medical appointments, shopping, what have you. Local chapters of many national organizations include Northwestern Ontario and Manitoba into one jurisdiction. As for controlling covid, we have no control over another jurisdiction, and Northwestern Ontario is under the same covid restrictions as Toronto even though the numbers up north don't necessarily warrant it. Due to geography, I think it makes sense to move the boundary east of Thunder Bay. This results in an alignment that is closer to the geographic reality, and also gives Western Canada access to the Great Lakes. Communities in Northwestern Ontario may also benefit from lower hydro-electric rates.

So I say move the boundary eastward! Is anybody with me?