Tory adviser claims "identity politics will reach new heights under Mr. Kinew"

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Tory adviser claims "identity politics will reach new heights under Mr. Kinew" 

This guy is a media savy communications professional, btw.

Mr. Magoo

For the non-media savvy, here's a link that works.

As an aside, the left frequently laments that voters these days don't want a thorough analysis of something that they might have to actually take three minutes to read, they want a sound bite to pump their chests to, like "FIGHT THE REAL ENEMY" or whatever.

So then why do ANY actual progressives link to someone's tweet?  Tweets are literally restricted to 140 characters!  They're basically a sound-bite-bite.  I'm supposed to change my mind about something based on 140 letters or numbers??  And meanwhile, the left suffers unduly because this new generation is unwilling to read a 19 page "manifesto"??

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I'm sure that's a big worry for white guys. For the rest of us, though, it might not be such a terrible thing. 


Oh I don't know. I'd say white guys are pretty much the masters of identity politics. Somehow I don't see Wab Kinew coming anywhere close to that record, even if that was his game, as some assume.

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Oh, I agree with you, Smith. Just commenting on why the tweeter might have an issue with an upset of identities in power. 

I quite like Wab Kinew. He's our MLA. I'd be interested to see what direction he would take the party. 

Ken Burch

What are the ACCEPTABLE heights for "identity politics"?


@ TB. Yeah, I figured. I was just pointing out the big white male elephant in the room.

And the accusations? Absurd. I didn't notice that the moon turned red and the stars fell from the sky when we elected a majority of women on our city council last fall.


Has anyone noticed that the Tory comms flacks who are active on Twitter (David McLaughlin and Blake Robert) are particularly obnoxious, especially for a governing party? I don't recall anyone from the NDP comms shop taking as many cheap shots at the Tories when the roles were reversed, but maybe that's just me.


Have you seen David Climenhaga's recent article?



I fully support Kinew's plan to make the NDP Caucus more representative of the people they provincial government is going to serve. I would absolutely love for Michelle McHale to be Steinbach's MLA after the next provincial election. What I hope he does on top of that is to articulate a clear agenda that meets the needs of the most economically marginalized in this province. After seeing what unfolded in the US with identity politics becoming the central theme to the exclusion of speaking to people's economic best interests, I really do not want to see such nasty politics take root here.