1986 Time Magazine article on Libya and Gaddafi

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1986 Time Magazine article on Libya and Gaddafi

 1986 Time Magazine article on Libya and Gaddafi  -


   It is interesting to read this historical account of the talk of invading Libya in 1986, a proposal instigated by  terrorist type attacks on Americans, including the famous attack on a Berlin night club, an attack apparently sponsored by Gaddafi.

    Time Magazine reported that Gaddafi had called on Libyan agents to "cause maximum casualties to U.S. citizens and other Western people." { How times have changed! - That is the kind of statement from mainstream media and today's politicians that astute political observers in the 21st C. would be suspicious of as "propagandist lies" and "creating an enemy" after listening to the blatant bullshit of "yellowcake" and "Saddam was behind 9-11" spewed by Pres. GW Bush's during his terms as President in order to get public support for invading Iraq}.

This 25 year old quote sounds eerily familiar to what we have been hearing lately:

  "Reagan and his advisers found themselves caught between their immediate temptation to strike Libya as they had warned they would and a growing awareness of the costs and risks of such a venture."


  And this hint of the political complications in 1986 involving now deposed Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak -

    "The U.S. has discussed with Libya's feuding neighbor Egypt plans for coordinated American bombing strikes and an Egyptian ground invasion of Libya if Gaddafi should offer sufficient provocation. Cairo said no, in the well-founded belief that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak would practically guarantee his assassination by a Libyan hit squad if he went along with such a plan."


Here are, IMO, things that are different today as compared to 1986 when this article was written {my obs in brackets}:
* Russia is not as strong of an ally of Libya today, and certainly they won't defend Gaddafi militarily as was the fear in 1986.
* there was no mention of America's interest in Libya's vast OIL RESERVES.
    {mention of the "alterior motives" of the USA, such as securing foreign oil supply, was not printable material in 1986 mainstream media, but with the advent of alternative media online public knowledge of this kind of conspiratorial politics has become more widespread and it does at times get a mention in mainstream media now too}
* the "War on Terror" was as yet undeclared in 1986...
    {Quote from the article on page 9: "the Reagan Administration, led by Shultz and others, firmly believes military reprisals must play a greater role in the undeclared war against terrorism. That is why Muammar Gaddafi once again finds himself in the cross hairs of America's Sixth Fleet. Uncle Sam spoke loudly, vowing vengeance, then raised his big stick. Given the dangers posed by terrorism, such a response was understandable, even justified."}