2018 In Review

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2018 In Review

With another year behind us, I thought I would start a thread that discusses the major events of the past year. Here are the local, national, and international events that kept reporters busy. Feel free to add news from your own areas, or any other headlines I missed.


Great Brandon Fire destroys a heritage building and leaves many homeless

Railway line to Churchill restored

Stan Struthers accused of sexual harassment

Cliff Graydon removed from PC Caucus following allegations of sexual harassment

Douglad Lamont takes St. Boniface for the Liberals following the resignation of the former NDP Premier

Jet's successful playoff run celebrated throughout the city

Crystal meth crisis continues throughout the province

Transit made headlines for increased fares, reduced service, overcrowding and schedule delays, and perceptions of safety

After much discussion, Winnipeggers vote against opening Portage and Main

Brian Bowman re-elected Winnipeg Mayor

Rick Chrest acclaimed as Mayor in Brandon as voter turnout tumbles

Lack of preciptiation pushes Lake Winnipeg to unprecedented low levels

Raymond Cormier acquitted in the murder of Tina Fontaine


Outrage as Gerald Stanley acquitted in the murder of Colten Boushie

Turn right as Liberal governments in Ontario, New Brunswick, and Quebec were defeated

Erin Wier expelled from NDP Caucus following accusations of harassment

Christine Moore accused of harassing witness who appeared on her committee

Federal government purchase of pipeline as First Nations voices grow in opposition

Trudeau caves in on supply management of dairy in the NAFTA renegotiations


Jair Bolsonaro elected President of Brazil

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador elected President of Mexico

Angela Merkel's party suffers defeat in German elections

Gilet jaunes movement arises in France to protest the policies of the Macron government

Tension continues in the Middle East, before Trump withdraws troops from Syria and Afghanistan

Democrats take the House in the mid-term elections, Republicans gain in the Senate

Climate change induces record heat waves and wild fire seasons, including in Arctic regions

US government under fire for family separation policy

Migrant caravan from Central America heads to the US

Theresa May continues to struggle to implement the Brexit plan

Winter Olypmic Games hosted in North Korea

Trump meets with North Korean leadership in an historic effort to bring peace between the 2 countries.

This is my list. What is yours? What happened in your parts of the world that are big for 2018?