2019 In Review

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2019 In Review

So once again, this is where I post a review of the local, national, and international storiest that made headlines this past year. Please feel free to add anything I missed, or add the big things in your local areas.


Brutally cold winter to start

Suspicious death investigation resulting in the City Manager for Brandon being placed on leave and the subject of investigations by Brandon police and the RCMP

Violence in the cities: Winnipeg sets homicide record at 44, 7 dead at the hands of Winnipeg police, and 2 homicides recorded in Brandon

Security screening at Millenium Library causes community backlash

Brian Pallister re-elected with a reduced majority

Multi-year city budgeting process causes backlash as cuts to services and programs are threatened

Blue Bombers win the Grey Cup

Closure of emergency rooms continues in Winnipeg


Jody Wilson-Raybold expelled from Trudeau Cabinet

Liberals reduced to a minority in the 2019 elections. Elizabeth May and Andrew Scheer soon step down from their respective party leadership

Raptors win the NBA championships as the country forgets about the NHL with all Canadian teams eliminated in the first round

Nationwide manhunt for 2 young men grips Western Canada in the summer time, as they would eventually be found dead in northern Manitoba

Historic election shift in PEI as the Greens become the Official Opposition, sending the Liberals to third place

UCP sweeps to power in Alberta, shifting the power dynamic between the provinces and isolating the federal Liberals

Transmountain pipeline dispute rages on


Planet burns as temperature records fall, ice melts at both poles, and record wildfires extend into Arctic regions and Australia

Greta Thunberg inspires millions to march worldwide for action on climate change

Demonstrators in Puerto Rico, Chile, Hong King, France, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Haiti, Ecuador take to the streets to challenge the neoliberal corporate order

Right-wing Coalition manages a come-from-behind victory, winning re-election despite the government consistently trailing in the polls

Boris Johnston becomes Prime Minister and wins a majority on the promise to get Brexit done. Labour Party suffers its worst ever defeat, costing Jeremy Corbyn his leadership

US President Donald Trump is impeached

PSOE in Spain wins resounding election victory, setting back the far-right Vox party. A second election would be held after a workable coalition arrangement could not be found

Juan Guiado leads a failed coupt attempt in Venezuela

Evo Morales wins re-election in Bolivia, only to be ousted in a coup just days later

This is what I have so far. What do you have?