Abusing media jeopardizes our precious and fragile democracies

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cco wrote:

Have you considered a blog, or maybe an RSS feed, rather than making half the posts on babble "Look at this link I just saw!"? It's gotten quite difficult to have actual discussions.

Excellent suggestion. What I really hate is when a few people start to discuss an issue in a bit of depth and he comes on and spams the thread that is being discussed with a half a dozen or more links. Anyone then looking at the thread only sees more of his constant stream of spam and they don't necessarily go back and look at the discussion.


To return to the subject of the thread (censorship), yesterday the Montreal Gazette published this rather horrifying bit of Orwellian spin, talking about how important it is to protect free speech by eliminating free speech. St-Victor also says the government needs to give more money to institutions pushing approved viewpoints as it cracks down on unapproved ones. Sadly, I don't expect the NDP to make a peep over this, as freedom of speech has now apparently been abandoned to the right wing.


Indeed, the elimination of free speech and thought crime in accordance with elite agendas is well underway. The abusing media are critical in this project and the Canadian media among the worst.