Advertisers on Sun T.V.

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Advertisers on Sun T.V.

I am always a cult of one on the subject of talking to companies that advertise in media that acts irresponsibly.

But we have to take a look at the recent example of Glen Beck being turfed from Fox-- in spite of high ratings-- because he wasn't able to pull in advertising dollars.  Whatever Fox replaces Beck with, even if they get only 30% of Beck's viewers-- it will create more revenue for Fox than what Beck did.

Right now, we are anticipating that Sun is going to be terribly awful and a force for bad things in Canada.  It might, it might not.   From what I can tell so far, it seems it's just a platform to attack Rick Mercer. 

And it seems to be patterning itself as a broadcast hybrid of the Toronto Sun and National Post.  Which is good in some ways, but bad if you depend on stuff like actual profits.  So far, Sun TV seems to have a lot of bumper type commercials-- commercials for Sun TV.  This is a good indication of unsold advertising space.

So, while we wait for the Sun to do something truly outrageous and objectionable, maybe we should compile a list of companies that advertise on Sun.  Just in case.

From what I've seen so far:






East Side Mario's

Baby Bullet

Dr. Ho

Spergel Debt counceling

If you're watching, maybe you can add to this list.


Yes, I noted that too--  thought it was actually pretty funny as they are the health care adds.

A few more for the list:


Canadian Protection Plan (no medical needed insurance)

DioGuardi Tax

Everest College

Oliver, cash for silver.  And gold.

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Great idea Tommy, good to see you around again.

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I guess at the end of the day the only way to fight against this propaganda machine is to boycott its sponsors.

I will not buy anything from any company,corporation or merchant that finances this atrocity....Hopefully others will do the same.


Thank you Revolution Please. 

Alan, of course everyone is free to spend how they see fit.  I wouldn't call for a boycott based on anything I've seen yet, however.  Like everyone else I expect that in due course, a reason will be provided. :)

But I wouldn't clutch at straws or make a mountain out of a mole hill to do it. 

Give these guys lots of rope.

In the mean time, it doesn't hurt to pay attention, for potential future reference, just who is financing Sun T.V. through their advertising dollars. 

And I think it says something about the demographic, the ads that are on.  Marketing research people obviously think Sun T.V. is a good spot for Russel Oliver, Dr. Ho and Canadian Protection Plan.  So far,  I don't see any major banks, car companies and the like spending money here.

One might draw certain uncomplementary inferences from that about the audience Sun aims to claim.

George Victor

They claim 5,000 people will be watching at any point in time.

George Victor



Not enough to pay the bills.


i tuned in today and it was hilarious (and kinda scary)...they tried to do a segment on how we need for profit health care and it made the US system look so bad in comparison.  When asked why people would travel for health care the response was "they can't get insurance because of a preexisting condition, etc, etc.." whoops, guess they invited the wrong talking head!

Then they were trying to portray corporate tax cuts as a good thing but charles adler got worked by someone from the CCPA and looked like a moron.  He was desperately trying to put words in her mouth and just had nothing to counter her arguments with.  Then he had the head of rona on and tried desperately to get him to say he would lay people off if there was no cut and the rona guy kept saying he wouldn't and adler was trying to put words in his mouth "so youd have to either cut production or lay people off right?! RIGHT?"

if this is any indication, this station is going nowhere.  i look forward to them selling 1/2 hour chunks to billy mays, ronco or the latest ab machine.

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I think it would make sense to immediately begin to patronize the businesses listed above.  That way, when it's time to boycott them, it doesn't look sad.  Nothing like "boycotting" Oliver Jewellers when I've never in my life patronized Oliver Jewellers.  That's gotta hit him where it hurts, eh?



Haven't watched much today, but caught a Leon's ad just before bed last night.

And yes, Snert, that occurred to me too-- so far, I haven't seen a product advertised on Sun Conservative T.V. (SCTV?) that I buy.

Now, when I get addicted to crack, and have to start stealing gold jewellry from little old ladies, then maybe Oliver and I could do business, then I could boycott him, and not allow him to give as little as possible for the gold I bring.


We'll see.



Just caught a bit of Adler's show.  RONA is running an ad, maybe free commercial time is how they got the Rona guy on?  :)

Adler really is a man in search of an argument-- but only with nice safe straw men.  I caught the interview with Boronofsky.

A dog bites woman story, that Adler somehow tried to turn into some kind of statement about gays, lesbians and transexuals.

He's wacked.  This should be fun.  I might even get a membership in Adlednation.




So for how long have you guys been watching this bland right wing pap? Laughing


Since SunTV has no local affiliates that can piggyback on the broadcast and insert local commerials, they have to rely on national ads. And until SunTV gets some "independent" ratings over a period of time, I doubt they'll be able to sell ad space to prime time companies.  

The bean counters behind SunTV know that the programming will lose money in the short\medium term.  If the programming only serves as an adjunct to the entire media operation while losing a bit of money, fine.  Talking head TV isn't very expensive to produce. It's why all the other players have gone to the format.  

I watch maybe two hours of tv a week (do web streams of tv count?) so maybe I'm not the best commentator on this subject.  But it's not as if, say, CBC News Network has a stellar set of advertisers.  I recall commercials about gold and fast cash chequing.

I watched part of Lilley's first offer, which was posted online, about the CBC.  It was a weird rant about the CBC and the Mulroney Opera.  Once Lilley started talking about how he loved musicals and opera, my giggling overcame my attention span and I clicked him off.

If SunTV only does rants on the CBC and this apparently widespread lefty media conspiracy, I think it's doomed to be not watched. If they actually dig in and do some work, and get some stories, then I think they can make some of the complacent other news media orgs look slow and boring.   


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I watched about an hour of Sun TV last night (damn you, Michelle and radiorahim!).

We saw "The Caldwell Account" and Part One of an exclusive interview with Jeb Bush. Gag. At one point the look in Caldwell's eyes was downright homoerotic. Creepy, yet titillating. But mostly creepy. I had some rather colourful things to say, that I won't repeat here. Tongue out

At one point Caldwell made a joke about Sun TV being fair, and then he added "...and balanced" with a smirk. The shrieks of outrage from me and Michelle were pretty loud. radiorahim joked about doing a podcast of us watching the show and our reactions. I thought I was swearing too much for that sort of venue, but I always think that.

The Adler show featured clips of an interview with Jack Layton with a silent Olivia Chow by his side. And a piece on certain elements in the right-wing community objecting in classic sexist ways to the "sexy" clothes and outfits worn by ALL on-air female presenters. The "debate" was between a hot-by-society's-standards regular Sun TV presenter and someone from R.E.A.L. Women, who were referred to once as feminists. My brain just about fell out of my head at that point.

The same clip of Ignatieff was shown over and over, glad-handing some supporters. And, also on multiple repeats, was the main story that Sun TV couldn't get over, the surge of popularity of the NDP in Quebec, surpassing the Bloc in the latest poll.

Is it wrong that I think Dr Ho is way cool?


I will reserve commentary on Dr. Ho, until I've researched the products he pitches.

Dempster's Bread is another advertiser.

Caught just a few minutes of Ezra Levant.  He's rather childish.  The review bekayne linked to above, where the reviewer said he kept expecting Ezra's mom to call him out of the basement for dinner really hit the nail on the head.

So far, it seems to me what the hosts on Sun really want is for someone to go off the deep end on them, and "censor" them.  They really crave martyrdom.

I have to pick my times carefully.  Rebecca West doesn't have the patience I have to meta watch news broadcasts.  For example, I will watch CNN not for the news, but to see what consent is trying to be manufactured.  This distresses Rebecca to no end.  

She was a good sport though, and did not sieze the sceptre (remote) when Adler was interviewing Micheal Coren last night.  Brought to you by the fine folks at Dempster's Bread, amoung others.


Maybe the NDP is going up in the polls cause conservatives are watching this and getting second hand embarrassment?

Freedom 55

They're running World Vision ads... for anyone who needs another reason to avoid WV.


I myself was compiling a list of Faux News North advertisers, and in my laziness (and obvious repulsion with the network) , looked to see if the good folks at Rabble had already done so. Low and behold Babble started one. So... here is my addition to date

Sandals, Worldvision, "Koolatron" (as seen on TV stuff), Marineland, Flaxcare, Herbal Magic, Arctic Ease, Swivel Store, Oil Sands Advertisers (surprise surprise) ....

After I get a rough list, I'm going to start trying to get people to pressure these advertisers to drop them. I'm sure it wouldn't take much to convince them considering the crap ratings, and lack of comercials they are airing to date. 



Like the vast, vast, vast majority of Canadians, I haven't been watching much.    I think it's a good idea to keep track of who is supporting Sun T.V., for when the inevitable happens and they do something truly offensive.

Maybe I should check in a few times a week, just to see.  

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The CBSC received a record number of complaints over an interview Sun News did.


Canadian Broadcast Standards Council national chairman Ron Cohen says his organization has received more than 4,100 complaints about a June 1 interview between host Krista Erickson and Quebec-born dancer Margie Gillis.

The council typically receives about 2,000 complaints in an entire year.

“It’s the most individual complaints we’ve received about a single incident,” said Cohen in a telephone interview from Ottawa on Tuesday, noting that the number is only surpassed if petitions are included.

In fact, the council issued a release Tuesday asking Canadians to stop sending in complaints because the volume of letters already exceeds the council’s resources.

During the interview in question, Erickson quizzed Gillis about whether it was appropriate that she receive government grants to support her dance work.


I think that's a tactical error on the part of those who support Margie Gillis.  Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel, as they say. 

This is exaclty what Sun set out to do, get someone to react by trying to "censor" them, etc., and brand themselves as the station your mom won't let you watch.

There's no better advocate in the newsroom than an irate or nervous advertiser.



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Well said TP. There's a war and we need to stand our ground.

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I haven't,nor will I,watch a millisecond of that dog shit tabloid TV channel.

BUT I would love a list of their sponsors if anyone can provide them.



These guys advertise two products a break, which is a sure sign the revenue isn't coming in. They even have one of their hosts (the bearded guy) as a spokesman for something called SierraSill. Say what you want about the cbc, I couldn't see Solomon corrupting even the image of his credibillity by selling snake oil between interviews. I had the show on in the background for quite a few hours and the companies I listed in my post above were the only ones I noticed. If those four thousand people who complained to the cbsc complained to say Marineland or World Vision instead, the show would go off the air eventually.  


 "I couldn't see Solomon corrupting even the image of his credibillity by selling snake oil between interviews."

In a way, I think Evan Solomon is worse than Sun T.V.  At best Sun T.V. wants to capture the COWM demographic-- Cranky Old White Men.  So at best, it won't have near as much traction as a lot of people fear. Which isn't to say they can't or won't do damage to the public discourse, and it's not to say that they don't bear monitoring of what they do.

But Solomon is slick. 

In the old days, Don Newman would conclude an interview with the likes of Jamie Watt or Robin Sears or other Turd Polishers in the P.R. business by asking them if they had any conflict of interest in what they said.  Meaning, if their commentary was tuned to promoting the interests of a client.

Not that I believed any of those turd polishers when they said no; but at least it gave a thoughtfull viewer a heads up.

Solomon not only doesn't do that; he allowed Jamie Watt to launch what was a free comercial for his client, Brian Mulroney during one of Solomon's infomercials.

And that's all "Power and Poltics" amounts to is just one long infomercial for Canada's Public Relations and "Communications" firms.  And you'd have to be the most naive person on the planet if you don't think they are advocating for clients when they are asked for their "expert" opinions.

I know he's charming. I know he has a great smile.  But what's a guy with a degree in Marketing doing, hosting a show that supposed to be about politics?

Maybe because it isn't about politics, but Marketing?

He's an insidious example of how far we have come to accept systemic ethical corruption in our society.  If "Power and Politics" was about power and politics, Susan Bonner would be the host.  Evan Solomon is the CBC equivelent of those blonde bossomy sleeveless hosts on Sun T.V.


Well I got told. Can't say that I disagree. I guess the point I was trying to make was regarding the campy factor of a supposed newscaster advertising a product between commercial breaks while full out saying that he's speaking for the little guy. I was definately not trying to get across in any respect that I felt Solomon was credible as anything but a solid Liberal Party spokesman. I think expecting a journalist to be unbiased is absurd, because a person that doesn't give a shit wouldn't be in that line of work. Recognizing the Bias for what it is and forming your own opinion is what is needed. I'd at least hope that equal time was given to each talking head and that the host wasn't plugging some skin lotion every five minutes. I feel that my opinions aren't reflected in the Sun, CBC or New Socialist (if it even exists anymore), but the difference between the latter and the former is that this type of polarizing homophobic, anti-poor, gun toting bullshit threatens me to point where the first time in my life I'd write a letter to an advertiser and try to censor something. 


I'm not angry or anything like that towards you Nada, and I'm sorry if I left the impression that "you got told".  I am, however, passionate on the subject of Evan Solomon and his ilk.

Bias isn't a problem in the media.  I have my bias, too-- we all do, and we can't escape it.  And there's nothing inherently dishonest or unethical about it. 

What is wrong is when there are inducements to lie by commission or ommission.  Seeing Pamela Walin and Mike Duffy in the Senate is a glaring example.  Rewards for services rendered.  At no time did these guys openly admit to shilling for the Conservatives.  That's not bias, that's corruption.

But most of this kind of corruption is a bit more under the radar.  Reporters move from reporting to working in P.R. firms all the time.  And of those that don't, many are waiting to.  And you don't get those P.R. jobs by showing certain clients in a bad light, or asking impertinent questions.

Bias is when I as a working class person view events through the filter of my experience as such.  Corruption is when you say something you don't believe, with intent to decieve, for monetary or other gain.

You know, we are trained to believe that power is in the legislatures or our Parliament.  That's not untrue, and we should be working for change there. 

But if you're kid gets run over by a rich guy, or you are a maid attacked by someone with influence, or you are in a community trying to stop some guy from stealing or polluting your well water, this is the machine you are up against; the P.R. companies telling the reporters to drag your dead son through the mud.  Digging up immigration records against the maid.  Making sure your clients money for lobbying ends up, at the end of the day, as a political contribution that you laundered for him.

Evan Solomon and too many like him are eager fascilitators of this stuff, while telling you it's something else.


I recently saw ads for CIBC and RBC on there, and a blurb about close captioning brought to  you by TD. It worries me that 'big pockets' are signing on. I wonder if the banks did the May 2 election.....I am in contact with CIBC about the issue, and expect I'll sooon be shopping for another bank, either BNS or BMO....

I also saw an ad for Govt of Canada's Action Plan. Guess that is to be expected, and is probably doled out based on # of viewers


I think the RBC is a major financier of the Tar Sands project that Ezra Levant calls "Ethical Oil."

Just for fun.

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repost from Emily Dee: Public broadcasting, belongs to us, the public, and CBC is no doubt looking to the public to save them.

But where were the CBC when we needed saving from the neocons?

I will sign a petition to keep the CBC alive, but only on the condition that they start acting like a "public" institution, and not another Harper communication vehicle.

We need a program warning Canadians of our Religious Right, especially since most of them are American based. We need a program promoting progressive ideas. We need a program raising awareness to the income disparity that is hurting the most vulnerable in our society.

If the CBC can provide that kind of programming, I'm in. If not, count me out.


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Repost from Mark Whitbread - Stephen Harper appointed the entire board of directors and the President of the CBC. I'm just wondering why Canada's top Conservative would appoint left-biased / right-wing CEOs and Directors to run the CBC.

Repost from XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX - Re CBC - I don't agree with those who are blaming CBC for getting the Cons elected, etc. I know people who work at a couple of different CBC stations and the inside story - which they can't reveal - is awful. Ever since Steve HarperCON's guy took over, the pressure on them has been enormous! You've noticed, for example Evan being not only front and centre, but now promoted! Evan?! That's all coming down from HarpCons.

Every person who works there is absolutely walking on eggs almost all the time - unless they've been appointed by Harper. There have been tons of "unexpected" lay-offs and "disappearances" of staff who tried to buck the system or to report differently. From all the CBC people I know, in fact - under the dreadful circumstances and incredible pressures in which they find themselves for the past few years, increasingly since pre-election - they have managed to keep doing a pretty good job, imo - all things considered. They still are mostly really trying and they still do better than anyone else we have. There are definitely two sides to this story - so I'm just mentioning the other side.



quote: "The Friends of Canadian Broadcasting, an organization that has often criticized CBC management, is to appear before the Commons access committee on Thursday. The group is expected to outline its concerns over the structure of the upper echelons of the corporation.

The organization has lobbied repeatedly for an arm's-length process for board appointments and wants CBC president to be hired by and answerable to the board.

Spokesman Ian Morrison say it is curious that a board selected by the government would have given its blessing to the wrangling with the information commissioner.

"It is strange that they would appoint directors who would then endorse this very restrictive interpretation of the CBC's responsibilities under the Access to Information Act," Morrison said."

As a long-time supporter of Friends, it's been clear to me that it is the only trustworthy agency in all of this. And anyone expecting the other media - perpetual critics of the public broadcaster and lusting after its advertising take - will never do the investigative reporting that embarrasses governments.

All the lukewarm, gee whiz left critics of the CBC, so ambivalent about the life of our only national voice - performing a critical role in two languages (and a number of aboriginal languages in the far north) - should give their heads a shake. They are performing just as Steve counts on them doing.

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Gaian wrote:
They are performing just as Steve counts on them doing.

Um, no, that would be you. You are the frog sitting in the warm water while Stevie gradually turns up the heat until you are boiled before you even realize your mistake.


I'm saying that Steve is working his incremental wiles here as well, and will cut another 10 per cent from the CBC budget, while you (posing as what in the animal world, Wiley Coyote?) go into your pathetic apolitical lament about how bad the CBC is and it doesn't matter whether it lives or dies...even as it is being killed.

Um, Steve's had your irrelevant number for a long time now. :)