Afghan War Coverage

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Afghan War Coverage

   What is our media showing us about the war in Afghanistan?

   It seems to me that they are trying to sell us something, probably something the party in power wants us to buy like "our soldiers are doing a great job", a basic sanitized version of reality. I do not believe that is good, it allows for too much wool to be pulled over our eyes on a war that is being fought with our blessing. We might not be so willing to approve of it if we were getting the full story.

    Of course there is coverage of the commander's memories of our fallen soldiers, which is entirely appropriate, but that is not what I am referring to here.

  I am referring to the activities of our soldiers, and I do not thing we are getting anything close to the whole story.  

  What we have been seeing on the news, over and over for a few years now, is "live feed" video of our soldier's boots on the ground, our tanks firing at some distant and unseen target. It is hot and dusty. Sometimes there are setups like our guys yelling "villagers and children here!!" as if that is their primary concern. We see villagers holding their children, but those are not the enemy we are fighting [but they would be the "collateral damage" if they got killed in the firefights, but we don't see that when it happens, and it does happen].

   What we are NOT getting is any video of the ENEMY. Who are our guys shooting at? What happens when the targets are hit, or missed? Are the Taliban taken prisoner, or buried, or do they run away somewhere, and if so where? We NEVER see them!!!

   WHAT DOES THE ENEMEY LOOK LIKE? I think we should know, it is costing Canadian lives, and a significant amount of money. We are told things are going well, but what is it that we are doing that is going well - killing the Taliban? Where are the dead Taliban then??

   We have to be suspicious of such sanitized news from the front lines. There is more going on than we are being told, and if it was good then we would be told about it, so any thinking person might have to assume it is bad. No room for dead bodies on TV? Why not? - we see dead bodies on every other show on TV, just not the ones being killed with Canadian's supposed approval...


Occasionally, the Canadian military resorts to the body count tactic after a battle. However, the military and the mainstream media never report the civilian casualties our troops caused - only the civilian casualties caused by suicide bombers - ever since 2007.

If you want to find out about what is really going on in Afghanistan, search the internet and read reports from unembedded journalists.

This page has a story about how the military actually lies about civilian casualties.

Noah_Scape - Good link, thanks, it is bookmarked and I will be looking at it.

Civilian casualties, or the more deceitfull description  of "collateral damage", appears to be part of the lie we are being told.

I hope my point about the media not telling Canadians "who is the enemy?" was not lost in my wordy post?

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I think the media is telling Canadians who the enemy are, they are telling us it is the "Muslim hoards" out to get Israel and ourselves.


The government, the military and the mainstream media treat the majority of Canadians as if they are stupid. The "enemy' in Afghanistan is the Taliban. They gloss over the fact that there are many mujahideen and insurgent groups with different motives, but all fighting to expell the foreign occupiers from their country. Go to:

Search the names Mohammad Qasim Fahim, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, Jalaluddin and Sirajuddin Haqqani - leaders of the Haqqani network. You can also search these names on the internet.

Also, check out:

The main reason the German government is arguing to its people is that the German Army is in Afghanistan to engage in reconstruction, redevelopment and humanitarian aid. If the German Army leaves, the Taliban will take over once again. The "mission" - German civic leaders can't wrap their tongue around the word "war" (just like Canadian leaders) - is to defend Germany.

Note: A war of aggression such as the Afghan war, according the Nuremberg Principles, Geneva Conventions, the U.N. Charter and international law, is not a defensive war - and (therefore) is illegal and a (war) crime.



Helen Thomas: Not Even Nixon Tried to Control the Media Like Obama

"not even Richard Nixon tried to control the press the way President Obama is trying to control the press.."

Clearly this item has implications for the main thread here - Afghan War Coverage


NoDifferencePartyPooper wrote:

Helen Thomas: Not Even Nixon Tried to Control the Media Like Obama

The same can be said of Harper and the Canadian military.