anybody hear the joke?

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anybody hear the joke?

Shortly before Xmas, I was listening to a rightwing stooge name 'jerry agar' son of dave agar, at CFRB about 1140 AM on the 'touchdowns and fumbles' segment. Agar had a guest, a rightwing goof named 'karen gordon' (she's often seen on m. coren's gabfest on channel 36) and they were mocking Ted Kennedy, whose good name the Kennedy family has supposedly been spending $$$ lotsof money to shine up. Someone in the studio then joked '2 splats and a splash' and the goofs all laffed aloud. I sent a complaint to the CRTC, ie the Conservative Reactionary Television Council (aka the Can. Broadcast Standards Agency) and ...etc. mike bendixin at CFRB sent email claiming the joke was told by an outside caller! Regardless, the entire affair has gone away, but recently listening to hate radio, i think they are so nasty something should be said about ...well JOKING about the murders of 2 high level government  lawmakers, and the death of their older brother in a WW2 crash of warplane into the north sea! (bendixon claimed the 'splash' referred to Ted killing/drowning a 'jon benet ramsey'(?) or whatever back in 1968 car crash, but i am sure the splash reference was about Joe Jr or maybe John F Kennedy Jr who also died in the bush family plotted sabatoge of John junior's Piper Saratoga airplane...see Sen Wellstone or ...Frank Church or... KAL 007 etc...) maybe to clear way for junyer bush's run for WHouse in 2k...

Did anyone else hear the Dec 17th agar 'touchdown and fumbles' show and Kennedy joke? If so, please contact me through Rabble


Already a thread started here.

Yes, it's in extremely poor taste. I would complain too. If they didn't respond to my complaint, I would write a letter to the editor or contact a newspaper columnist.