Are there Canadian equivalents to Rush Limbaugh?

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I don't admire Don Cherry's politics or his demeanor.  But he is a far cry from Rush Limbaugh.  Limbaugh is despicable.

Cherry might be more like Canada's Lou Dobbs.

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clandestiny wrote:

they moving Moore to morning slot- part of a slight defanging of cfrb, it looks like. More honey, less viniger. I agree moore's alot less reactionary then some others, but he lies when he calls himself lib/left...for example, he believes oswald shot jfk, all by hisself, and anyone who can't accept that is a liberal dupe. Same with 911 - no conspiracy is possible; the event was too huge to wrap up in secrecy blahblah. But again, moore is playing stupid. Take the Titranic sinking- has anyone EVER said that was a conspiracy (to represent the 1st class passengers as brave/noble, while demeaning the lower classes?) Yet that's exactly what we have today (even Cameron's  1997(?) movie misrepresented the truth) ...the fact is, 600 steerage class victims on Titanic were locked in, like prisoners. There was no 'story' when the truth is horrific beyond belief! Walter Lord (a 'night to remember') was an upper class stooge who fabricated the story we have today, from bits o this and that, all which glorified the rich pigs who ruled the roost then, as they also do now. There was no band playing 'nearer my fukking god to thee' or a buncha cigar smoking jackasses playing poker as Titanic stood up on its nose- these stories were made up (even Lord admitted they were based on anecdote) The result was that a brutalised people (ie: we the people) again saw their fellows demeaned in history, to the benefit of mister pig. Well, screw mister pig.  He a goddam liar, and 911 was a staged terror op. That means, among other facts, that the 'wars' in Iraq/Afghanistan have no basis to justify them. BUT THAT in turn means the big lie will get funded even moreso- and thus john moore has agreat  job kissing the pig's arse But I agree John Tory is an improvement in the drive home slot, though the damage is long done. Most people, to continue, believe the Titanic was a story of courage under fire. But it wasn't.

sainthood eh? something to think about  (IF THERE'S TIME!)



Buddy, I was trying to be sarcastic, but the symbol for that doesn't exist on this board anymore. I don't agree with you, think that you need to take a chill pill, and think things out before you type.


Best Toronto radio morning show is John Oakley! Alway interesting and entertaining. He killed Bill Carrol in the ratings, hence the CRRB shakeup.


If you live in the maritimes, you may be familiar with the angry old man rantings of disgruntled former Liberal provincial candidate, Tom Young, Host of the Afternoon News on the three Rogers radio stations in the Maritimes (Saint John, Moncton, Halifax).

His old show, "Talk of the Town" in Saint John, of course nurtured the burgeoning political career of the always-outspoken and hardly-ever rational Elsie Wayne.  A life-long Tory, Young decided he'd become a Liberal after the PC's did something to piss him off.  Despite his new allegiances, his politics remain on the right wing side of things, in a disgrunted "I'm to old to change" kind of way.

He's no Rush Limbaugh, of course, but I find him quite annoying...especially his wheeeeezing directly into the mic.

His favorite weekly (and sometimes daily) rant is against the YCJA.  As a rule, he goes out of his way to find some headline from some far flung region of the country about a youth (probably with issues of addiction, neglect, and extreme poverty) committing a violent crime, he goes on a tirade about "kids today", the "decline of civilized society" and a justice system "paralyzed by an Act with no teeth."  Any caller who calls in advocating compassion or forgiveness for any of these kids (who have been determined by society through legislation to be not responsible enough for their own decision making abilities to be allowed to drink, marry, vote, or even drive), gets completely lambasted or at least cut off by Young's sense of self-righteous moral indignation.

Other pet peeves of his are technology and often immigration in the context of unemployment.  Every time he gets a spam message to his email, he reads it aloud on air, thinking someone is actually sending him this message.  His comprehension of technology is so laughable.

The fact that he is the "Rogers Media" representative for Saint John in the Atlantic region is prohibitively embarrassing - and when I hear his show being played on News 95.7 in Halifax, I can only wonder what the hell they are thinking, listening to him.


Tomk has really mellowed since his Talk in The Town Days.