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Canadian Media Comicstrip

Page from the new issue of the Mosaik Project (FREE on subway newsstands today!


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Issues Pages: 

To clarify:

RIGHT click image  --> View AS  (Should bring up the full-size version)



The Mosaik Project is currently only available in the GTA.  However, there will be a free high-rez digital version available from our blog later this month.

Sorry about the double-post, there does not seem to be an edit function on Rabble.



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babble, whose discussion board you have posted on, allows editing for all but the first post in a thread. Many babblers, therefore, leave the first post blank and begin comments with the second post.

Or not. It's up to you.

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Could you repost the image branch7?  I can't seem to enlarge it or view it from the link.

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Thanks for the assist, RevolutionPlease! :)



Branch7, babble is a discussion board, and is not the place to promote your project.  Like you, relies on advertising revenue to assist its mandate.  If you wish to advertise on, please contact that department.

I'm closing this thread.

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