Canwest and CTV's want the public's support

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Canwest and CTV's want the public's support

IMV, their plea should fall on deaf ears. Serves them damn well right for their anti-democratic actions.

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Fuck 'em. May they both go bankrupt.


I was thinking of posting the same thing while watching colbert on the comedy network. They are crying about the cable companies and satalite. Aren't they part of that, you know bell owns CTV and is a sat provider in addition most of the channels on cable/sat are owned by CTV. No sympathy here. What have they done to enrich culture or strengthen Canada? Or rather when was the last time they were not actively destroying it. They are buying US tv shows and want to complain about local programming. Just stunning.

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Ya, I know and one wonders what their end game really is. Anyhow, I hope they both go down the memory hole.

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Richard Stallman<[email protected]>

   Have you heard of the
   PI Institute?

No.  Send me a writeup if yo wish.

   I write this  now for consideration and then ask, you if there is such
   a thing as to design the hardware under "this idea of yours" to
   advance the internet as a free access, instead of the piggy back that
   we can do from libraries and such.

The main useful step here, I think, is to set up free municipal
wireless networks.  This has no real overlap with what I do, and I
don't have time to get involved in it myself, but I am willing to say
publicly that it is a good thing.

I wrote the letter above in a follow up. The italizied wording is mine.

White Space Public Domain? If the internet is controlled, who shall be speaking "as free journalists" if all forms of media are controlled by the big three? Eventually by one. Analog television transmission has now become digital. Space was freed up. That space was auctioned off.

Throttling is a charge that should be thought about in terms of control. Whose control? A hierarchy structure of cost,  to allow you access to information with regard to a certain speed? What is the ultimate goal but to have transmission of movies and news over the internet?

Just some thoughts to consider as I myself am in a bit of quandry as to the agenda and whether to become a supporter.  The reasons, just laid out. I knew this process was taking place and thought about the "idea of information" and how we have the right to know what's happening in the world without becoming pawns of "an ideological plan" to convert society. Access to education.


See also:Larry Page in Support of White Space



Public support for what? Them charging the cable companies? Why should anyone who doesn't work for or own CTV/Canwest want that?

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Exactly! But we are being told by them we should care.

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Do you think that is what this is all about?

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save our net


Faster speeds mean better viewing and quality of picture. So I am thinkng about the future when moves to buy up under Canwest, or some other media controlled giants,  that hold the way we see information. Our radios, to our televisions, to our newspapers.

So how is televsion currently being controlled to see that our info we see is censored,  to think that such conglomerations will move from that medium to the internet. Open source means access to infomration should be free, but how can it if televsion switches over. Skype?

While government sold off whitespace it should have been alloted to an "open society with free access" instead of money gathering for governement to provide control by big busness.

You see? I think some know of my feelings about "political ideology" being spread by the Asper family.Smile And we know the Asper family owns Canwest? How shall we get past the Keith Baldries with knowing that information is thought biased?


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Yes. Information is being controlled. Is being sought to be controlled. Patterson owns the radio station, the newspaper.....? All bases are being covered.

Who is to do our reporting? Indymedia was sought out by me in terms of activism, while now,  we see youtube can provide. But what about people who work in these industries? How is this affecting their futures? These are "trends of the future" being established.

Everywhere change is taking place and jobs are being lost. I am very sensitive to this yet do not know if I should advocate it's survival in terms of competition.. What competiton? It's more about what we can do to help educate, give other perspective in a dominated medium.

You see?



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Yes, i realize this, but I meant in their ploy to get us to write to the government pleading their case.

Silly fools that they are, the pinkies and the brain types still think they will gain control of the world, through propaganda, poisoning our minds and bodies, and feeding us BS at every level. Seems they never learn through history, that human will for personal freedom, always wins out against both covert and overt acts of tryanny.  They have been trying to control the world for nigh on a few thousand years, and how has it worked for them so far?



Aren't they part of that, you know bell owns CTV and is a sat provider in addition most of the channels on cable/sat are owned by CTV.

I thought BCE (bell corp enterprise) unloaded control of CTV during the privatization move last they still control CTV?


Spectrum, I understand the white space issue...but I'm having problems identifying how it fits into this. CTV is a broadcaster, they don't really own rights to any infrastructure, do they?


I'll be glad to see CTV go's a symbol of Conservatism in Calgary to me.

Jacob Richter

Here's a better solution to their baloney cries for public support:


1) National-democratization of the communication-industrial complex outside of media enterprises;

2) The capture of all economic rent in the broadcast spectrum (Michael Hudson the Georgist made comments regarding the application of classical economics to the broadcast spectrum - Google [I][URL=]Michael Hudson broadcast spectrum[/URL][/I]) by first means of instituting the "land value tax" equivalent to the broadcast spectrum;

3) The application of the funds derived from #2 towards exclusively public purposes, including non-selective encouragement of, and unconditional economic assistance (both technical and financial) for, pre-cooperative worker buyouts of existing media enterprises and media enterprise operations.

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But I don't want to run a TV station...

Erik Redburn

Nice to see this story was picked up here.  Just heard a brief blurb on their socalled competition at CBC, just only long enough to hear they consider themselves essential to free speech in this country.  Most brazen bit of hypocracy I've heard in...well, even more than others I've heard since the free markets decided they needed direct public funding. 


Interesting ideas Jacob Richtor; the rightwing media is the number one problem in North America, why all the others keep getting worse. 


I do. We have so many talented people. Hell we have a guy that wants to build a studio for years now and  he would pay the costs....for  some reason our local planers don't want it. Now Detroit is looking at opening a studio or two...So there goes that idea. Media in this country is an Old Boys Club not unlike the owners of the NHL They only let friends play with them for good natured one upsmanship they play. It's all a game for them as long as no one else is alowed to play.

Erik Redburn

Do they really have the (legal) power to deny people a licence for that; aren't the air waves recognised as belonging to noone and therefore everyone by law?  What I'm getting at is they by denying some the right to broadcast based on no solid legal grounds they jeaprodize their own claims too.(something in our constitutions too I recall)   That could be an effective wedge issue if your friend had enough support to take it to court.  Just a thought. 

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Well, here in BC, when Jimmy bought out numerous radio stations that  had a local community feed for at least a few hours a day, and then stopped the local feed, some rural communties  tried to get licensing from the CRTC to go ahead and form a local station, to do their own local feed, to no avail. The CRTC is no friend of Canadians.


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While Noise was right to ask about infrastucture and CTV,  Jacob pointed out the correlative relation of wall street to companies who might develope, might be held in a comparative relation to what the internet was to become, or is becoming. China's censorship?

There is no doubt that the lines have beecome blurred in terms of Canadian content and other infomration. While thinking that one can become secular in principle to attain some identity, it worked the "other way in transmission" that what was our ideal in terms of Healthcare,  has worked it's way down south.  To postulate what our current governments are pushing toward, what is current in the States and now, not thought ideal? So we are tearing down borders of thinking, but not of the priviledged Nafta brings with it to undermine by legal detrmination and country adaptability, to the agenda other then the ideal?

So on Canadian content and public companies what is the idea then that control shall not deliver the best content that it can, without having an agenda? I am caught in my own bias:) One's own televison broadcasting station? I understand the quandry.

Non profit towers for decimination? Advertising, would love google's encroachment to access all municipal and governments poliices of an open and free internet. Public broadcasting?