CBC cutting 800 Jobs /175 million

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CBC cutting 800 Jobs /175 million

The execs are getting a freeze in salary and it is about (sorry numbers seem off) 50% french language 50% english language and the rest from corporate? This was just reported on CBC TV.


Good job all the lapdog treatment of our vicious  dictator and the count have resulted in them destroying the CBC. DO you think we will see some of these overpaid reporters(I just can't call them journalists) who love to bash the poor(peter I am looking at you) or more likelygrip,dolly, carpenters, makeup artisist etc. If quality these last few weeks are any indication, the CBC is going to be in for a rough ride once they lay off more workers.


Odd, I found radio doing a fairly good job the last two weeks, with much more engaging and edgy (for Ceeb radio) reports and current affairs programming. 

Could be the Ceeb is still playing around with the whole budgeting issue, hoping enough of a fuss is kicked up to get some bridge funding through this year. 

The cuts in Quebec will likely get the Libs' attention, and no doubt the BQ.  I know the NDP has been active locally about losses in news media. 


The problem is, the CBC has alienated some of their strongest supporters on the left by airing right-wing, reactionary crap lately.

I agree, though, that they're gonna get killed politically in Quebec for this.

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Oh, I think the CBC realizes the error of their ways in toadying to Harpo and even perhaps the Liberals.

22 mins last night and Mercer, were absolutely scathing towards the Cons, and Iggy.

And there is the fact that Harpo is cutting 175 million from CBC while giving a huge taxpayer bailout to Canwest.



Are there any links for this or regional breakdowns? My local CBC website has no info.


If only they would roll a few heads at the top. Perhaps the Ceeb could develop this as one of their "amateur" shows, and have citizens vote for who they would like to see turfed. As an ex-cbc fan, I would vote for the fellow at the top, Mansbridge, Murphy, the breathy voice on the radio that keeps repeating hlow "simple" it is, and the unamed person responsible for putting bagman Mulroney on television in a vain attempt to rebrand him as a "statesman".


Apparently the specific cuts will be announced over the next few days and layoff noticed sent out in May. 

Radio won't get hit as hard as TV.  I suspect TV dramas will be cut back significantly. 


A decent blog, even if Ouimet no longer contributes.


Mansbridge probably makes a good salary there. The CBC could probably get a new pretty or handsome talking head for less.


Why should it matter to me. The CBC has been an LPC propoganda machine, and was attempting to be a CPC propoganda machine.

Public Stations cannot have it both ways.  All the glory of a well subsidized publicly owned corporation with huge corporate salaries. And then bashing and trivializing the only party that actually supports publicly owned corporations such as the CBC.

The CBC is going to pay a heavy price while their corporate rivals get on board with the Billion dollar bailouts.

Mansbridge is long past his best before date.



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madmax wrote:
Why should it matter to me. The CBC has been an LPC propoganda machine, and was attempting to be a CPC propoganda machine.

Public Stations cannot have it both ways.  All the glory of a well subsidized publicly owned corporation with huge corporate salaries. And then bashing and trivializing the only party that actually supports publicly owned corporations such as the CBC.

That is about how I feel exactly, and given last night's angst by 22 Minutes and Mercer, they may realize the error of their ways, but it is a bit too late, eh?!  


Mansbridge is probably a member of the union at CBC, so no, I don't think it would be okay for them to dump him merely to bring in a younger and cheaper replacement.  Just because we don't like someone doesn't mean we trample on their rights under their collective agreements, right?



Seems to me the CBC  is suffering from the same revenue shortfalls due to less advertising just as other media outlets, and should be entitled to the same bailouts as what the private sector gets. 




I bet Mansbridge is on a contract that pays him significantly more than the same "ground level" employee with the same number of years with the corp.

The Ceeb doesn't exist in London-Kitchener-Hamilton and that's killing them in vote heavy southern Ont. 

Not to stomp on my eastern Canadian friends but... does New Brunswick need three fully staffed morning show teams?  If an oppsition MP stumbles across a sidewalk in Freddy, it makes headlines.  If Tony Clement wanders through London twice in two months, plus a visit from the PM, I don't hear a word of it on my morning show.

 On the radio side - cut DNTO and The Point.   


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I notice on the radio the CBC is suddenly using a much heavier hand when reporting on the Conservative government. I guess they're starting to recognize that pandering got them nowhere.


Didn't they already do severe cuts when they axed latenight programming in favour of recycling show that were on during the day/weekend WRT radio.


remind wrote:
madmax wrote:
Why should it matter to me. The CBC has been an LPC propoganda machine, and was attempting to be a CPC propoganda machine.

Public Stations cannot have it both ways.  All the glory of a well subsidized publicly owned corporation with huge corporate salaries. And then bashing and trivializing the only party that actually supports publicly owned corporations such as the CBC.

That is about how I feel exactly, and given last night's angst by 22 Minutes and Mercer, they may realize the error of their ways, but it is a bit too late, eh?!  

I fired off an email to mercer telling him to put the "liberal backing down and loving it" back on given the recent debacle with iggy.

Hate to say it but they have no one to blame but their editors/managers. Who of course will likely not get axed. So as usual the workers are being held accountable for managements mistakes. I think the shaping of news comes from higher up. Like it has been pointed out, you don'y need to be told what to write or how to shape the story, you know certain things are verbotten. No one tells me I can't wear my mp3 player but I know they frown on it.


I know several people who have emailed the CBC National about factual errors, perceived bias, or other complaints/comments. None ever received a reply. Even lowly Global has a forum and received complaints over their coverage of the Obama swearing-in. I believe that the CBC has a duty to produce a good broadcast news program. Instead they have told viewers to buy cable and watch Newsworld. Anyone who witnessed the rude interviews of the leaders of our political parties, compared to the treatment of Mr.Harper, knows full well that something is amiss at the CBC, and there is no public forum to discuss the ovious problems. Someone is responsible for the mess at the CBC, and their case is not helped by the complete lack of accountability.

aka Mycroft

CBC does have an Ombudsman, Vince Carlin, to whom complaints can be directed.


Did anyone catch the interview Suhana Meharchand did with Moore this afternoon?  She was pissed!

However, I was watching it with some people who did not like her attitude whatsoever.  Moore was composed, she was not.  And now that its Ceeb being affected the "hard" questions seem mostly self-serving. 

I'm also reading conflicting reports.  I hear that Windsor's Radio morning show is being cancelled, but Stursberg says no morning or drive home shows will be affected.  Then he also says current affairs and news people will be pink-slipped in Moncton and St John, but those shows are currently being run by current affairs and news people.... 

Outfront is also being cancelled on radio, and The Point.  Outfront will be missed.  But why not cut Wiretap, which has had it's run.  Course, it might not cost much, either.   


Until recently, I've never been able to listen to weekday afternoon CBC radio.  "The Point" seemed rather pointless to me.

But, since there's no adds on CBC Radio, the cuts are probably based on production costs, not quality.

So, what's going to be in the place of all these shows being cut? Dead air?

I really fail to see how this is going to save any significant money.

 (sometime later)

Ah, CBC radio said they figure it will mean more repeat programing.

I note they didn't cut Preston Manning's spot.



Yeah peter peter NDP eater was actually a little more hard on the panel tonight, Allan Gregg is such an ass. He looked all pissed off like someone stole his soother, why? Because some bureaucrat , who the cons appointed with huge powers but a small title, is ACTUALLY investigating the government and reporting his findings!!GASP Who would have thought to actually ask economist what they think of the recession. Esp when it makes our economist prime minister look like a fool. Poor allan can't handle them being put down. Might effect his polling data you know.

Where has madame fraser disappeared to these days, nary a bad word against this government after all the hard questions she gave the libs.

Oh well harper is gettin hit from all sides except the official opposition but they pick a conservative appointed accountant to pick on. Good job jackholes. Now that they have had the cuts don't you think it's time to get down to business and ask the tough question. You know, like why Iggy is stillv oting with the cons and droped his probation, or will the elephant not be acknowledged.

I don't want to even get started on warhawk murphy. That clip he showed was just stupid. Why don't you point out how the scandinavian countries are more competitive and have high standards of living despite not having uber rich who gloat about their money.(At least not openly) Guess what T-rex, capitalism has failed just like your namesake and should have been buried with them 500 million years ago.


I just heard this morning on CBC Radio at the end of "World Report" (which is a 10-15 minute news report every hour on the hour) that the show is ending.  Well, actually, I heard the anchor (Judy Maddren) say goodbye at the end of it, and it sounded to me like the show wasn't happening anymore.

Was it axed too?  The web site says nothing:


Did I just misunderstand?  I can't find any information anywhere about it on the CBC site, and it's not included in the report I found on the programs being axed.


For the first time in many decades, I have just begun to leave CBC radio off. Listening to the "balanced" reporting became an unbearable reminder that Canada was losing itself.

 I became a thinking, involved, Canadian adult while listening to CBC radio(I never felt that CBC tv had radio's quality). Without it, I'm not sure that a good liberal arts education would have been enough.

It's terrible that all of these self satisfied little MBAs and ambitious med students won't have the chance to listen to intelligent radio to help them balance their worlds.

 I've mourned Canada's terrible loss---our national radio was the only national voice for non corporate, unamericanized Canada, the only voice for those of us who wanted to hear a variety of thoughtful, interesting thinking people talk about almost anything.

International friends have always envied us our CBC radio but with the round of cuts during Cretien/Martin and the influx of the "oh so clever", glib bunch it began to fall apart more than a few years ago.

It will be up to all of us to demand the programming and the funding that we feel is necessary for OUR radio---If indeed CBC is only funded at 1/4 of the rate per capita that other industrialized nations are fundind their public radio, then we all have a great deal of work to do.

I believe that with the demise of CBC radio, Harpers dream of an america in Canada will happen even faster than many of us thought possible.



Okay, World Report is on now...I'm going to listen to the end of it and see what she says.


"There's a lot of change happening at CBC, and this is part of it" - that's what Matt Galloway said after Judy Maddren's goodbye at the end of World Report.

Unbelievable.  I thought they weren't cutting morning or drive home shows?


I don't think World Report is changing.  Madren is leaving, and that's a kind of bellweather for the rest of the changes.

CBC Radio Windsor gets seven people chopped apparently, according to the Windsor Star.  But the morning and afternoon shows remain.  Quality will suffer.

Sounds harsh, but I suspect part of what's happening is older, salaried, staffers are being axed or gently pushed out the door, and contract workers will take their places.  The "News Renewal" program at CBC news means most journalists will have to be able to work in both radio and tv.

Some fresh blood might not hurt.  Then again, fewer people means less coverage, and generally fewer people out in the field and more in-station work, via the phone. 

But... when is the last time you heard anything of note come out of CBC Windsor?  I hear more from Thunder Bay's reporters than Windsor's full stations.



The question is does Canada need a public broadcaster and should it be arms length and funded properly.  Write to you MP.


Judy Maddren is retiring.  That had been announced a few weeks ago -- she was actually here, a guest on the phone-in, as she had become the CBC's resident grammar/pronunciation expert and she talked then about retirement.

But speaking of the phone-in, our Maritime Noon, hosted by Costas Halavresos and certainly one of the best programs of its kind across the country, is being reduced to only a one-hour phone-in.  It's one of the very few must-listen programs left for me.


I'm sorry to see The Inside Track go.  It's more or less the only place you'll ever hear from amateur athletes, and Robin Brown was a good, sober minded host. 


That said, I really couldn't care less about The Point.  The few times I listened was just nattering about the trivial.  I don't know if it was supposed to bring in younger listeners, but the only good thing that I can say about it was that it was better than Freestyle.

"Out Front" just seemed to be a forum for exhibitionists to talk about themselves, so I won't miss it either.

George Victor

For all the people who appreciate CBC not just for their own particular programs and interest, but who see it as a necessary element to hold the disparate parts of this country from going centrifugal.  I learned the other day that CBC broadcasts to the FN population of the north in eight (8) different dialects.

Anyway, Friends of Canadian Broadcasting is issuing this appeal:

"CBC's creative people have just been through the week from hell.

The cuts announced last week will leave our beleaguered public broadcaster a shadow of its former self, especially in smaller communities where CBC is often the only option.

This is all so unnecessary, yet this may be only the beginning.

More cuts to CBC news are expected mid-April. And if Stephen Harper's hand-picked President cannot raise enough through a firesale of CBC assets, he says that even more cuts will be required.

But there is a glimmer of hope. I urge you to join with me to stoke it.

Viewers and listeners have been outraged by the events of the past week. We have bombarded our MPs with calls, letters and emails demanding action. A storm of protest has erupted in the House of Commons as a result, and the government is under intense pressure to prevent the announced cuts.

Please join with me to turn up the volume by sending a message to the Prime Minister today demanding action.

There is a simple and inexpensive solution to CBC's funding shortfall.

Among modern industrialized nations, Canada in near the bottom when it comes to investing in public broadcasting. The average is $80 per citizen and countries like Great Britain, Germany and Norway invest even more.

In Canada, our government provides only $33 per citizen. That's just not enough for CBC to serve as the public broadcaster Canadians want and need. The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has recognized this and called for an increase of $7 per person - to $40.

Please join me to urge our government to bump up Canada's investment to at least half the average. That would mean only a $7 increase for each Canadian. Per year!

If we don't act today, the pressure on the government and the momentum we have built will be lost.

Seven dollars is a small price ..."


Even those focused on self just might be able to agree with that.

social democrat

Friends of Canadian Broadcasting has collected 5,000+ friends on Facebook in just the last week.  Ottawa must be getting loads of negative feedback about the CBC cuts already.

George Victor

It will take more than that to move the thuggee in power at the moment, I'm afraid.


Too bad the oil patch didn't want the CBC cuz I bet the gov would be able to find the fundung then ehWink

George Victor

But I thought you said the CBC has been in the guv'mints pocket? I can remember the CBC carrying Liz's description of northern Alberta as approximating the land of Mordor (or was that another person I heard on CBC ?) .

We should try for at least the accuracy of the reporters being generally condemned if we are to be believed...even on this venue, so demanding of rectitude.


There is a petition on avaaz.com which has 92,500 signatures in support of the loan to the CBC.  I don't know how many it takes to move the thugees.

George Victor

The latest missive from Friends of Canadian Broadcasting.

Hubert Lacroix, CBC president, appointed by Harper on Nov. 5, 2007, contributed $1,000, (maximum allowed) to a Conservative candidate during the previous general election.


"In the March 6, 2009 edition of the National Post, Gerry Nicholls, a former vice-president of the National Citizens Coalition, wrote about why the NCC 'chose a young MP named Stephen Harper as its new president in 1997'; 'Being NCC president is not a fun-of-the-mill job.First of all, you need to be an ideologically pure, small'c' conservative. That means you must reject Pierre Trudeau and all of his works. You must view the CBC as a socialist-run boondoggle. In general you must believe that whatever the private sector can do, the public sector can do - worse.'  (Excerpt from Loyal to the Core, by Gerry Nicholls (freedompress.ca)"



Reading these comments, for a moment, I'd questioned if there was something wrong with me that I simply don't care about these cuts anymore or find them all that alarming.


After all, it's part of a trend followed by Grits and Tories for years even when propped up by a usually silent NDP.  (I'm not expecting much from the BQ either given that most Quebecers I've spoken to have long sinced sentenced the Mother Corp to the same realm of irrelvance that the national CBC Radio progamming now has for me.)

Putting aside emotion and fantasy for a few moments, if we can, let's consder this.  The cuts that will hurt the most are in regional programming not national programming.  Nary a peep here about that, as near as I've seen.

As for national programming on Radio One (as I deep sixed Radio Two permanently last fall) I'm readling complaints about a right wing bias in current affairs programming such as, I assume, The Current and As It Happens, Dispatches and others such as The World This Weekend strike me as almost relentlessly biased to the left.  That is when they're not too consumed in Toronto-centricitiy, a rare and precious thing to those of us in the regions that don't give a damn about Toronto.  (Don't get me started on the insulting term regions thought up by some twit in the Mother Corp to descibe those of us lucky enough not to live in the Golden Triangle.)

Today's The Point struck me as pretty left of centre, mindlessly so from one of the point people who held on at length about her concerns about mental illness withou the slightest idea of what she was talking about other than "social worker" guilt.  (On checking I wasn't too surprised to find out that's exactly what she is, which still leaves me wondering about her qualifications to say a word about it.  I speak from experience here as someone who has been thourgh emtional and mental illness as well as addiction and come out the other side without recieveing one bit of useful assistance from social workers.  In fact, I used to regularly eat them for lunch, as it were, to gain what I felt and thought I needed to stay comfortably in my denial and disorder.  Upper middle class white guilt is so easy to bend when you're on the street.) So please don't tell me that the Mother Corp isn't sailing to points left.

In fairness, it does try to stear points right but doesn't do a very good job of it.  Unlike FOX, it's apparent it really doesn't beleive it when it tries this.  It fails to pander, which is always good.  But it doesn't follow  up when told something completely out of this universe which even FOX would do, I'm sorry to say.

Let's move on to what's untouched. 

Q, a pale imitiation of American entertainment programs with a Toronto bias so strong that when Jian escapes Toronoto he has nothing but empty platitudes for where he's at.  This replaced Morningside (etc)?  Please.  If it's American influences on Radio One that bother you here's one place to start.

The Current.  It's reason for being was to react to events as they happned after the broadcasting fisasco of 9/11 where it appeared that Radio One didn't even know what had just happened.  That was followed for about a year.  Now it tends to interviews planned days or weeks ahead of time and filler documetnaries from other public broadcaster.  I do love The Voice, though.

As It Happens seems not to really know what it is anymore.  In all honesty it appears directionless, going through the motions while imitating what made the program great.   I feel so sad for Carol Off.

Dispatches has lost some of it's vitality.  Part of that has been the cutting of overseas bureaus by the Mother Corp and other Canadian news outlets over the years and part of it seems to be a lowering of quality of what programming it can get from it's other sources.  By and large a leftward slant here.  Not radically so but it is.  Always has been.  Just not as informative as it used to be.

The demise of so many programs such as Morningside where the hosts job was defined as having conversations with Canadians as opposed to the commmercial radio influences so apparent in Q, The Point, GO! and others where what's presented is anything but a conversation but rather debates amongst so called "experts" and others who it is deemed we'll find interesting.  NOT.

I've not mentioned CBC TV here for the simple reason that it lost any value to me years ago.  Other than some specials and so on like CBC Radio it's retreated into Metro Toronto rarely to emerge.  One only need to look at us in the West being force fed the Leafs when we have three far superior teams out here when Hockey Night in Toronto (whoops!) I mean, Canada comes on.  Drama is largely based in Central Canada or a cartoon character drama about Alberta that is more a replay of the show Dallas that anything an Albertan might find familiar.  BC? Nahh, we're too weird out here, things like leaky condos which aren't Canadian.

If we're to mourn the passing of the CBC as a national unifier then I think we're tripping over an overgrown headstone because it already happened.  At least for TV and national radio.

Curiously, the CBC rules the radio band in Vancouver and Victoria in the morning and afternoon drive slots, as I understand it does in Edmonton and Calgary.  Could it be that the thing I mentioned about "conversations with Canadians" still happen there?  Politics and economic views be damned?  Could it be that by doing that they've stayed relevant when national programming has become increasing irreleveant as it's become more and more a pale imitation of game shows and CNN or FOX on radio?  (Commercial in every sense of the word outside of ad placement and believe me when I say that's coming, folks!)

Nor do I want CBC to become a paler imitation of the BBC to the point where it's called the Ceeb.  It's the Mother Corp, folks.  At least that's a Canadianism.

Nor do I want a propaganda network for any poltical viewpoint, right, left, centre or whatever.  I can smell that coming in seconds and the off swtich is engaged seconds later no matter what I'm listening to or watching.  Unless, of course, I want a good laugh because most propaganda is actually quite funny once you know what it is.

This, by the way, from a dyed in the wool socialst (Fabian division) who experienced the 60s in all it's glory and grew weary of propaganda back then.

For the CBC to be relevant again it needs to rediscover Canada.  Not become a pale imitiation of American commercial networks.  We have those already, thanks.  It needs to get the hell out of Toronto and stay out.  Nor does it need to  be an even paler version of the Beeb.  It hasn't the respect, money or tradition to ever come anywhere close to that.  At this rate it never will.

The reason that people were up in arms in previous cuts and they aren't this time isn't just weary resignation it's that CBC no longer has relevance in their day to day lives.  Inside or outisde the GTA.  That happened in the early part of the decade when it stopped reflecting Canada and having conversations with us and told us what to be instead with the help of self proclaimed experts.

The same kind of experts that just drove the world economy into the dirt, I should add.

And to George Victor if it escaped your notice that Harper was once the president of the NCC I have to ask just what you have been paying attention to.  That's very well known and something that's been used against him to little or no avail.

The cuts are sad.  They could be fatal.  But what makes them possible is that it's not Canadians who abandoned the CBC it's the CBC which has abandoned Canada and Canadians.






If you are a "dyed in the wool soclialist" It must have been from the stalin arm, or you must have "seen the light" of the invisible hand of the free market , because I just read far too much drivel with no content that tries to tell me the CBC is left. As far HNiC goes...umm this confirms you are a troll. The 3 western teams get shown farily equally during the season. The only team that loses out is the habs a bit and ottawa a bunch. But do go on about how the west is so excluded that the only shows that seem to have escaped the axe was heartland and wild roses.


I was watching politics from yesterday. Don Newman HATES PR because it makes for minority governments. Well there you go! Yet another reason the CBC does piss poor coverage or coalition/NDP/ etc etc etc. Just terrible to think there would be some kind of check and balance on our poltitical system. How awful.

George Victor

Don Newman has been a pocket Conservative from the time of Lyin' Brian.

His pending disappearance (soon to happen according to Friends' latest apppeal, below) is one of the very few beneficial aspects of the attack by Stephen "Firewall" Harper.

Ironically, Newman will not be opposed, ideologically, to his own fate or that of others.


"Don Newman, Judy Madren, Brian Stewart, John McGrath, and dozens more.

In all, 350 of CBC's on air icons and creative staff will get their pink slip or buy-out package this week. These individuals, the heart and soul of what we cherish about CBC, will soon disappear from Canadian radio and television. Some of them are young people, recently recruited, who should be the future of public broadcasting. And that's just the start.

This mass exodus of CBC's most experienced and skilled professionals has been provoked by Stephen Harper's shameful agenda to denigrate our national public broadcaster.

Only the strength and the support of all of us who care passionately about Canadian public broadcasting can prevent Harper and company from tearing the CBC limb from limb. This means you and I have much work to do together.

Will you step up and help FRIENDS defend the CBC and public broadcasting in Canada?"


Brian Stewart...You mean one of the only people that does good reporting. I still can't believe they let Paul Workman go and kept Paul Hunter....wrong paul for sure.


They announced cuts in jobs at the local CBC here - several reporters layed off, as well as an admin position. A few were forced retirements and this morning was their "goodbye" show.

The strangest part of it all is they are forcing an extension of our cbc-tv local suppertime news from 1hr to 1.5 hrs. No one wants this. Letters to the Editor have been pointing out that there is not enough news in this province for another half hour, so why not use those resources to keep the staff they have? So, they are effectively doing way more with way less. Very strange. People here are dreading what kind of blather will be used to fill that extra 1/2 hour.


Inside the CBC has a listing of job cuts and there's some info links in the list: http://www.insidethecbc.com/


To me, from the links, it still seems radio is getting cut more than tv. But there are some admin jobs being eliminated, as well.


I wonder how it works with the Ceeb's union? These people, if more senior, can bump other people. Can a desk worker go to being a news gatherer and vice versa?


Haha, Ghislaine, that extra half hour is likely part of the Ceeeb's "news renewal". More local content, etc.


I don't think I've ever found Don Newman to be a "pocket Conservative".  He's as dismissive of the NDP as anyone else, I suppose, but I haven't noticed any particular bias on his part towards the Conservatives.  I used to watch Inside Politics quite regularly (not so much now), and I always thought Newman was pretty good.

Skinny Dipper

I can complain about the local CTV television stations for not providing local programming except for the suppertime and late evening news.  CBC television follows the same programming script like CTV.  There is very little local programming on television.  Both are becoming box-store corporations that display very little local content.  When the CBC is becoming more like CTV, it becomes harder to justify government funding for public television.

I do think CBC television and radio need funding for its operations so that they reach all parts of Canada where people live.  I also think that radio and the non-commercial parts of television should be funded such as children's programming which do not air commercials.  If Canadians wish to make other perts of CBC television non-commercial such as the news and documentaries, then those parts should be publicly funded also.  I guess the private sector could increase their advertising rates because of less competition from the CBC.

We could always contact our local MPs and offer suggestions about broadcasting.  They can be found working in a box-store parliament.


I agree with michelle. I have never thought. Conservative Don!!!111!!!!11 Though I would say the NDP isn't getting as much coverage as it should. Though this is more of higher ups than Newmans fault. I don't think he is responsible for the day to day programming.


FUUUUUCk can we have an election NOW. I don't want them to gut the country any more than they have!