CBC 'Marketplace' doing fabulous job at replacing government inaction

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CBC 'Marketplace' doing fabulous job at replacing government inaction

Hats off to CBC 'Marketplace' for exposing so many of these crooked businesses in Canada!

At the same time it is sad that our governments have abdicated their responsibilities in protecting Canadian citizens from these kind of abuses.

'People are being duped': Marketplace exposes homegrown lies at farmers markets

Some Ontario vendors caught misleading consumers about the food for sale on their tables


Mr. Magoo

When I was a kid in Sarnia, we used to regularly visit a weekend farmers' market at the arena.  Lots of local farmers, with local produce -- seasonal and sometimes boring -- but good prices, good produce, and an opportunity to support producers from surrounding communities.

These days, farmers' markets are all over the place, but the prices are typically higher rather than lower -- somehow driving some potatoes 40 miles adds costs that shipping them 1000 miles doesn't, or something -- and every other stall seems to be homemade gluten-free vegan scones for $4 each, or jars of gooseberry chutney, or honey.  Miles and miles of honey.

Anyway, we don't really need the guv'mint to fix this.  We just need to start posting our farmers' market experiences on Yelp.  When enough people review the Cabbagetown Farmers' Market and point out that some stalls are selling wholesale crap at chi-chi prices, the organizers can be counted on to take care of that.  Wait'll organic produce starts testing positive for Malathion residue.