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David Frum as host.  Yuuuk!  And the Rex Murphy macho male tough guy Cross Country Check Up.  Most women I know don't listen to it any more.  We will not always agree on the programs, but if we lose the CBC, either radio or television we can't fix it can we?

There is a petition with 125, 000 signatures on line in support of bridge funding for the CBC.  Look for CBC petition.

Oh yes and the Sunday night show - used to be concerts from the Roy Thompson Hall.  That was axed.  Now it is a program hosted by Gregory Clarke who has an incredible knowedge of all kinds of music.  And an excellent sense of humour. You have to listen longer to appreciate him,  but he is going to be axed also then I guess you won't have anything to complain about unless you hate what replaces it.

People in other parts of the world get out and march when things go wrong. Canadians just sit at their computers and bitch.  

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When the House of Commons comes back later this month, the MP's on the Heritage Committee will be all over current CBC mismanagement and resulting cutbacks.  Even before the last election, they already passed a motion endorsing increased CBC funding to promote stronger local and regional programming capacity. Harper continues to ignore their opinions.  The current CBC management made its worst cuts in Quebec and the regional centres (but not at hq in Toronto) because they think that those places are the most expensive places to win audience share. Not only are they completely inexperienced at broadcast budgetting and management, they are also neo-cons with no vision of what a public broadcaster could and should be. Heads must roll at the top in the CBC.  

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