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Yes, the powers-that-be at CBC are desperatley collecting ideological matches in the Cons' heartland. Maybe it'll only be a 5 per cent cut that way? :)


I don't mind Type A.  Call me a fool for liking some different voices on CBC Radio... even if I disagree with them.

I know rabble has this fixation on Rex Murphy... but Cross Country Check-Up today, on the Toews\kiddieporn, is great radio.  


I dont object to the CBC putting Type A on the radio.  As a national broadcaster, it should reflect different types of views.  It does seem a bit weird, though, that Rod Love, the guy who claims that the private sector does everything better, puts his show on CBC.  In one of the episodes, he advocated for privatization.

It might be a wee tad less hypocritical for him to go to a private broadcaster, doncha think.

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CBC Radio axes Laura DiBattista:


I don't often catch the afternoon show due to work hours, but I'd select others ahead of her for a hit list.  My objection to that show is how Toronto-centric (exclusively) it is, yet they broadcast it all over southern Ontario -- as if most of us in Puslinch, Paris or London care about the minutiae of Toronto traffic and the Lulu Lounge. 


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I hate CBC Radio's non-stop commercials for Apple.   They're even worse than rabble's.

You don't need i-Anything to listen to CBC Radio or CBC podcasts.



infracaninophile wrote:

 My objection to that show is how Toronto-centric (exclusively) it is, yet they broadcast it all over southern Ontario -- as if most of us in Puslinch, Paris or London care about the minutiae of Toronto traffic and the Lulu Lounge. 

Growing up in Northern Ontario led to my lifelong aversion to Hogtown's media.  People back then thought it was disgusting that the Toronto media, especially newspapers, tried to pretend they were provincial instead of TO centric. Out here we call TSN the "Toronto Sports Network."  Don't be too hard on them it is clear that Toronto media types often suffer from Centre of the Universe Syndrome.


In Metro Vancouver we have over twenty municipalities and Vancouver, the city, is about 25% of Metro's population.  The CBC covers the city of Vancouver as if it was Metro Vancouver.  However it does have local shows in most of the other cities in BC. outside of the Lower Mainland including Victoria. If you live in Chilliwack or Abbotsford you get Vancouver centric arts and music. Hell they hardly cover Surrey and it is one of the bhangra capitals of the world.


OMG.  The hourly nation-wide CBC news just came onto Radio One now, reporting on the Connecticut shooting, and the news announcer said that "Virgils" are being held to mourn the victims.  Virgils!


Jebus.  CBC's kind of pathetic this week.  Because I'm home this week, I'm listening to it more during the day.  They're doing reruns this week of This Is That, which is fine.  I get that there will be reruns over the Christmas holidays.  But they're playing the same rerun this morning that they played two mornings ago!  Do they not have more than two or three past episodes that they can rotate?

Also, I was listening to the news on Boxing Day and they reported on a story where a guy held up a funeral home in Oshawa and tried to get away by driving a silver hearse through the wall.  But the newsreader called it a "hearst".  And there was another howler yesterday too during the news, but I forget what it was now - it was another instance of replacing the correct word with a similar sounding but wrong word.  Wish I could remember it.


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I hate using the cutesy "Flashplayer" to listen to CBC Radio streams.

Here are the "direct URL's" for CBC Radio Streams so that you can use whatever media player you want to use.

CBC Radio One

CBC Radio Two

CBC Music Online

These days I'm using a little player called "Radio Tray" (GNU/Linux only) for all of my radio streams.   It's a little programme that you launch from your taskbar and doesn't use any serious computer horsepower.    I just enter the direct URL of the audio stream to bookmark it.   No need to open a browser or any "heavy duty" media playing software.

In this household we're big fans of Randy Bachman's "Vinyl Tap"...but sometimes we "time shift" and catch the audio stream from another time zone.  



Thanks radiorahim.

And agreed that Randy does a superb job with Vinyl Tap. He's and his wife are an amazin' couple who seem to have know everyone who was anyone in the music scene.

The 3 Saturday evening Radio One music shows are all class acts