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George Victor

George Victor wrote:

Galloway will certainly appeal to sports enthusiasts.  Does he have Andy's depth?  Not yet, but we'll see... when he first interviews Mayor Miller. 

Your invitation for "comments" prompted this response, Fp.  Then it got complicated. Listening to Galloway this morning I'm impressed with the way he demanded the interviewee say how change would affect those in poverty.  Damned good start for me. Knowledgeable about music, too, apparently (and don't ask me where or how I came to "know " music myself. I turned off pop music a few years after the Fab Four came on the scene, but a few moons before that I caught Oscar Peterson a couple of times for the price of a drink at the old Town Tavern. :D

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Farmpunk wrote:

Q would be a good replacement for DNTO.  Or combine the shows, and hosts, into a national afternoon show - one hour.  That's about as much time and resources the CBC should be investing in that type of programming.



I'm always shocked to learn that people actually seem to like jian and Q.  For me the problem is that more often than not it seems to have no greater desire than to regurgitate the most widespread and generic sentiments of the country as a whole.  I actually think they do a good job of this, it's just a boring thing to do.  I disagree about investing less time on arts, culture and entertainment programming, just because the CBC is not very good at it does not mean it shouldn't be done.


I don't get Q, either.  It sounds like a satelite radio show to me.

I'm definitely for arts and culture and good pop culture shows. 

But in times of really tight budgets, and given the lack of detailed reporting in daily broadcast news, I think CBC radio should focus its priorities.  I don't like trading an hour of Ontario Today for an afternoon of patchwork programming including Your DNTO, for instance (that's the name of the show, I believe).

I'd like to hear a wider variety of arts and culture programs.  Lots of half hour shows.  



DNTO worked for me out on the wet coast. Murphy was one of my favorite swear-words; ie Jay Zues Effin' Muuurphy!


Robin Brown was one of the few that could make 'sports' work for me, I miss tapestry too.


Tapestry is still a show...  isn't it?  I think Tapestry is consistently one of the best shows on CBC radio.  I don't really miss The Inside Track but I do like Robin Brown.

DNTO had a run where a lot of neat stories, pop culture docs, were being put to air.  Then Sook Yin came along and the show has lacked a focus since then.  I think it's now trying some kind of slightly weird first person storytelling format, more like the Sad Goat show that used to run in the weekday afternoons.

George Victor

Michael Enright provided three hours of history of the women's movement this a.m., including taped extracts of Nellie McClung speaking in 1938 (her Group of Five now enshrined on Parliament Hill ) ; the move that shut down Parliament proceedings in 1970 led by 17 women travelling east in three cars from Vancouver area, demanding rights to abortion and ;putting P.E.T. on the spot (and now we know from John English's bio on him that he was a staunch Catholic); The Voice of Women from 1960, beginning a strong peace movement at a time when a RCMP mole, quoted on CBC Radio, called them communists and a threat to Canada.

Hilariously, "the left" at the time reportedly thought the movement for abortion on demand interferred with the main task of revolution or gaining ascendancy through the ballot box. I do not recall mention of the successful move to entrench women's status in the constitution through the Charter (section 28)

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I didn't hear the entire three hours, but the documentary segment about the Abortion Caravan was terrific radio.  It's not up yet, but it should eventually be posted here for anyone wanting to listen.  A great way to mark IWD.  Worth it just for the audio of the meeting between PET and the Vancouver Womens' Caucus.

I normally don't care for the Sunday Edition, but this week they really hit it out of the park.


Karen Wells' documentaries are usually very good.  I heard most of Abortion Caravan doc this morning and I loved it.


Anyone listening to Canada Reads on Q?  I'm catching the evening replays all week, hopefully. 

I've listened to CR since it began in 2002.  I remember that year's winner quite clearly because Ondaatje's In The Skin of A Lion won.  I thought that book was vastly superior to The English Patient.

The mix of books championed is effective.  I think popular, or better known, books are punished.  Oryx and Crake and Barney's Version were really good books.  This year I suspect Jade Peony and Fall On Your Knees will suffer the same fate.

As long as Generation X does not win, I'll be happy.   

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George Victor


"As long as Generation X does not win, I'll be happy. " Joy to you, it didn't. 


Glad to hear that, GV.  I missed the show entirely yesterday.

Next on my own personal To Be Knocked Off the list is Fall On Your Knees.  A decent read but it felt so contrived to me and it's not a book I imagine I'll ever re-read (one of my personal watermarks for good lit is the urge to re-read it at some point). 

I suspect at this point that Jade Peony (no spoilers, please; I'm catching the re-broadcast tonight) will take the win.

In GenX's defense.  One of the panelists who said she didn't like the book, allowed that it did make her laugh out loud in places.  I agree with that.  And I think Coupland is a clever writer.  His style and subject matter simply does not engage me beyond mild annoyance. 

Micheal Turner is a contemporary of Coupland's, and has written much stronger and more diverse works.  I'd like to see Hard Core Logo championed (I think Steven Page brought it up at one point).

Taking a mild tangent....  Bill Richardson used to host Canada Reads.  Does he still work for the CBC?  I remember long afternoons working a tractor, listening to Sad Goat.  When it was cancelled and replaced with a still wavering and weird mix of shows, he used to fill in host.  Unlike Ghomeshi, Richardson clearly read widely and could prod the conversation along without resorting to snide Jian-isms. 

And it was good to hear James Cudmore break the Liberal's connection to Afghan detainees.  Notably, none of the former Libs involved have responded to interviews.


Mystery fans might enjoy P.D. James interview on Q



N.Beltov wrote:

I'm enjoying Saturday Night Blues with Holger Petersen these days.


Parka Patrol was better.


A colleague of mine told me how, while discussing the decline of CBC Radio over the weekend with a neighbour, she suggested that the guy give community radio a chance.

Now this is where the story gits weird...

The guy said he does listen to community radio, especially Sunday nights, when his favourite programme's on.  He likes it so much he has made reel-to-reel recordings of 95% of the shows since it first aired back in 1996.  My colleague told him, "I know a guy who has a Sunday night show - good ol' al-Q."  The guy looked at her in amazement and said, "You know al-Q?" in what my colleague said was the same tone that he could have used to say "You know Mick Jagger?"

I had no idea...

George Victor

"al-Q"   Looks like I had better start getting it right.        And congrats.  Can't imagine what it would feel like to know someone's intentionally dialing in with anticipation.   Heady.  Have raised a scotch  in celebration...and will follow it wi' a wee dram or two more. 


I'll play "Scotchin' With the Soda" just for you next show, George.


Sweet deal, QaBong.  You've suggested I tune in before and this gives me the reminder to finally do so.

Check out this blog.  The dude is a Prof and a former radio pro with some solid credentials.  Read the third and fourth posts on his blog for his opinion of CBC 1-2-3's musical programming.  I never check out R3, rarely R2, so I'll offer no opinions re. musical based shows. 


Hmm, mebbe I'll play "You'se a Viper" for you, Farmpunk.  Could you put down a link, man?



[Hey, I'm getting into character...]


D'oh!  Forgot the link:



Did anybody catch Michael Enright's archival program on Friday afternoon? I think it's called Rewind. It featured a program from 1958 called "A Walk in New York" which gave snapshots of the city through the eyes of a young actor named...(drumroll) Leslie Nielsen. Some of the voice-over seemed a little stagey in the portentous manner of the time, but the live segments crackled with immediacy and gave a compelling portrait of a great city. It's hard to imagine a TV program of the same era having that sort of freshness. I think that's why radio survives. The most intimate of the arts is also extremely durable.

George Victor

CBC shoud give us a heads-up for all Rewind broadcasts.  They are all a marvelous lesson/reminder of our history and changing worldview.

George Victor

Michael Enright crosses Canada by rail this morning (starting now)


I'll be firing up my musical time machine in about 5 1/2 hours.


What's the link again?


Saskatoon Community Radio


The German Show is on now, followed by the Italian, Romanian, and Ukrainian programmes.  Mine's after that. If you hear a radio play, or something that sounds really gay, (no, really)  you're late.


The listen live function doesn't function for me.  Probably need to disable something.


Darn.  When you click on the link, Windows Media Player should start.  I don'tknow if that helps at all.


Long-time CBC radio personality Gary Mittelholtz died of a heart attack Saturday while cross-country skiing near Sussex, N.B. He was 55.

Mittelholtz, an outdoors enthusiast, was skiing with a friend.

He started his radio career at the CBC in Toronto in the summer of 1976, working as a technician. A decade later he moved to Saint John, where he worked the remainder of his 32-year career.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/new-brunswick/story/2010/03/14/nb-gary-mittelholtz-obit-342.html#ixzz0iFHFJlru


Farmpunk wrote:

The listen live function doesn't function for me.  Probably need to disable something.

Well, whether you tuned in or not, I mentioned "Farmpunk" and "George Victor" on the air and played those tunes for yuz.


Thanks, QaBong.

Back to As It Happens.  Anyone listening this week while Barbara Budd took the week off?  Instead of the usual male fill ins, they're trying out a woman.  I cannot catch or remember her name, but she's better than the men.  Still, a rough set of shoes to fill - Budd is simply a master.

I have not listened to Rewind.  I think it's a great idea.  And I agree that radio is tiimeless. 

I only watch CBC News Network when I'm at the gym.  What is the point of the afternoon?  Where are the stories?  Today they actually broadcast a story about Octomom's housing problems, the deadly danger of accupuncture, Sarah Palin's proposed reality show plus a little chitchat about her potential salary, which at 1 million\episode, had the Ceebers chuckling.

It's weird and pointless filler, heavy on death, headline stuff, with a good dose of US celebrity coverage updates.  Makes radio sound a lot better.

As It Happens has been doing a daily bit on an urban farming mega-project in Detriot.  AIH generally does a good job of hightlighting food and agricultural issues, as does the Current.  I often disagree violently with the story - usually an interviewee - but at least I'm getting the story to start with.  The Current introduced me to Micheal Pollan, for example.  AIH has always followed ag stories that I wouldn't have heard otherwise. 

DNTO is a disaster.  And Strombo's Radio2 show....  Can I see a show of hands for QaBong taking that slot? 




Listening to Budd saying she's leaving As It Happens!


As It Happens hasn't been the same since Harry Brown left.

I don't listen to As It Happens much any more.  When I was a kid I listened to it while I did dishes every night.  Dishes didn't seem like such a bad job then.  A couple of my favourite memories of the show were the Babs Frum-Harold Ballard interview (then Frum's solo reply, especially how she called herself a broadcaster) and Frum's interview with Charles Manson family member Sandra Good after Squeaky Fromme tried to kill Gerald Ford.

I saw a promo for "The Hour" recently.  "Pop culture junk" is about all I have to say about the show.


DNTO is a disaster.And Strombo's Radio2 show....  Can I see a show of hands for QaBong taking that slot? 


I never liked DNTO. It replaced Jack Farr's The Radio Show, which was purt'near the best thing on the air. Me on Radio2? I dunno, sure, as long as CBC management doesn't mind a guy who says things such as requesting that the CF artillery detachment in Dundurn use new urban-sprawly McSubdivisions as target practice, as I am wont to do on community radio.


Your AIH listening days outnumber mine.  I started with Budd and Finlay.  I wasn't keen on Carol Off and I'm still ambivalent. 

I never watch the Hour.  I do listen the the Strombo Show on Sundays, on occasion.  He playes some good tunes but the show is awful.  I'd welcome QaBong's direct attacks.

Q is turning into a very strange show.  There's this veneer of Canadian content and then Ghomeshi nearly comes in his pants to interview Usher.  It's turned into a pathetic celebrity humping show.

I notice that Robin Brown has a show of her own now.  Something to do with Canadians telling their own stories or something.


State media is always boring. Now if Canada only had a public broadcaster.


Is this even state media at this point? 

Q is driving me insane!  It's a freaking Hollywood humping mainstream pop culture show and nothing else.  It could be produced in LA or New York by anyone for all the relevant Canadian content it showcases.

And for fuck's sake, Q, get the slobs you currently have producing the show to stop cribbing stories from The Current.  Unreal.  Two months ago the Current did a long piece on narco-corrido music in Mexico.  That same week The Current had a long interview and discussion about Thomas The Train.

Today Q did a narco-corrido piece and later this week it will be discussing Thomas the Train.

Q has no point and Ghomeshi isn't helping things by literally licking the ass of every big name guest on the show.  Put Q in DNTO's slot and find *something* to put in Q's slot, using Q's resources.  Rabble podcasts are vastly superior and relevant than anything Q has put forth lately, Judy Rebick's presence on that media panel notwithstanding. 


I believe the current state ideology is that we are the junior partner and the best neighbour to the great empire.  That is why when they put everything into an American centric lens I think they are acting as our state media. 

George Victor

Gosh, I wonder if CBC is succumbing to Conservative heat, knows the game is up for public broadcasting if the Cons get a majority?

Oh well, Michael Enright is still doing the right thing, and I thought that Robert Harris filled in very nicely  on AIH.  And who knows, maybe the bastards won't get that majority, the executive offices will be swept clean and we return to Canadian programming.  Hey, one can dream, eh?


Ask the Liberals what they thought of Carole Taylor as President and then fantasize about ever getting back to public broadcasting.  The problems at the CBC did not start with the Conservative government.  Martin and Cretien started the process of turning it into an image of the MSM so it could "compete."

George Victor

Like the Libs 90s efforts to lower taxes in the face of the western populist threat, it was part of an attempt to stay in power.  Not that that scenario left one in much doubt about the differences between Tweedledee and Tweedledum, but at this moment, it is definitely a threat from right field.  And I don't think the Libs would shut things down.  I think that Fowler told them what they were succumbing to, and they are about to find spine.  We'll see.   Sure hope the Great Malleable read between the lines of the ubiquitous Con literature left in the mailboxes, meantime.


I agree, Kropotkin.  The Cons have maintained the CBC'd buget, whereas the Libs lobbed off big chunks. 

The Harper\Cons do clearly hate CBC radio, which still has some real journalists working on the ground and airwaves.  They simply don't have any support and the management is heinous.  There isn't a single reporter in Hamilton, a city of over 500 thousand people!  A 45 minute trip to Toronto yields a massive building full of CBC employees (and contractors) and yet there's no enough money kicking around to have a newsperson covering Hamilton, Kitchener, Guelph? 


George Victor

And the Cons have not been downsizing it since 1006, including the most recent Con-inspited CRTC decision to NOT fund CBC like the other networks?  You mustn't be listening to CBC news. Or you've found a causal factor that would explain such neo-con oversight of the enemy. Surreptitious garroting is overlooked even by CBC nerds? :D


George check out this blog:
The CBC already gets significant public funding. I have no doubt the Cons will not go out of their way to help the CBC. But the CBC still gets a fair chunk of money from the public. The Cons have maintained the levels they inherited, more or less.
Simply, the Cons are not going to reinstate any new funds for the CBC.
The Cons would never attempt to lean on the CRTC to help the CBC. I'm a little puzzeled to find people surprised by this, including the CBC, because I have been listening, GV.
I listened to AIH the day of the decision, and a Ceeb exec suggested withholding their tv signals in protest, essentially going off air.
Anyhow, the CBC has some issues to deal with as per its role. And that's probably why I'm a CBC Radio Nerd, not a CBC Nerd.

George Victor

If you really wanted good public TV, Fp, you'd have to ante up about six times (I think it is) the per capita take, bringing you to BBC level.  Course, CBCers might not know what to do with it all, but they have said that restoration of local programming would take a bit. That would mean moe information for an uninformed citizenry. And they would have to go for BBC training to elarn what to do with cameras in any dramatic takes. ...Ah well, I still think the news is more dependable than Global or CTV. 

As for drama...well, of course, the CBC executive had to say somethin' about being  kept away from the gifting to the chaps who will say what a nice person you are at election time...or not.  

p.s. That blog sits somewhere to the right of Vlad the Impaler. The $1 billion serves a vast piece of realestate and even programs in several FN  voices across the north. And it is a lesser amount each year.


GV, CBC TV is an entire thread of its own.  I don't watch enough of it to come up with a solid commentary.  I know, like radio, the tv shows are good in places and poor in others.  I watch CBC News Network most and it's probably better left off air.

Don't let your perception of Dvorkin's political leanings colour your reading glasses, GV.  Dvorkin's strongest comments are directed towards the mangement decisions consciously taken by the CBC itself to mimic private networks.  So now the Ceeb is stuck: it gets direct public funding and competes for ad revenue in TV and on the net.  It doesn't *look* like a public broadcaster; it really is a publically funded private broadcaster.

CBC Radio is separate in my mind.  It's certainly more cost effective than TV production, and possibly more effective, period, in maintaining the CBC's mandate across a large country. 

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In a stroke of journalistic serendipity, the CBC sent AMT to broadcoast The Current from Moscow. She ended up covering the subway bombings.

Scott Piatkowski Scott Piatkowski's picture

In other news, the CBC is denying that its a conflict of interest for [url=http://thechronicleherald.ca/Front/1174953.html]reporter Krista Erickson to cover the federal government while its covering her travel as the "designated traveller" for Conservative MP Lee Richardson.[/url]

George Victor

Yep. It was given to us by a desperate Conservative gov't in mid-depression as a means of bringing a common understanding of the national position(s) and our history. Probably FDR's fireside chats looked like a useful proselytizing tool.

I just tremble at the thought of thuggish neocon slugs destroying that national voice and leaving the citizenry even more in the dark than they are now (thanks to the propensity to watch U.S. programming).  I have little faith in the average Canadian's understanding of the importance of this... except at the time of international hockey tournaments.  :D

George Victor

"In the story, the president of the Canadian Association of Journalists and a spokesman for the Canadian Taxpayers Federation both said the designation suggests Erickson is in a conflict of interest."


Embedded  is given new meaning. Thanks Scott.


Yeah, ScottP, The Current really did a fine job on that story at the very last minute. 

If Erikson was covering any other beat, probably not an issue.  And I'm not sure I like the implication that a journalist can't do his\her job without letting the personal life interfere.  I wonder if Erikson grabs attention because, well, she grabs attention (lose the tanning bed, Krista). 

There are other clear conflicts of interest within the CBC.  Carol MacNeil is married to Stursberg and gets a prime time job.  Carol Off is in a similar relationship.  There are rumours that Strombo is involved with a TV exec. 


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