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Off radio, again, but whatever.

This is a strong take on CBC News Network.



During a programme on Canadian involvement in the US imperialist enterprise in Afghanistan on Cross Country Check-Up today, Ratface Rex managed to pull his nose out of the rectum of a US military vet long enough to say "Thanks for gracing the program with your call."


Rex is just another tiny cog in the larger US military's propaganda machine:


On February 12 of this year, U.S. forces entered a village in the Paktia Province in Afghanistan and, after surrounding a home where a celebration of a new birth was taking place, shot dead two male civilians (government officials) who exited the house in order to inquire why they had been surrounded.  The Pentagon then issued a statement claiming that (a) the dead were all "insurgents" or terrorists, (b) the bodies of three women had been found bound and gagged inside the home (including two pregnant women, one a mother of 10 children and the other a mother of six children, and a teenage girl), and (c) suggested that the women had already been killed by the time the U.S. had arrived, likely the victim of "honor killings" by the Taliban militants killed in the attack.

Although numerous witnesses on the scene as well as local investigators vehemently disputed the Pentagon's version, and insisted that all of the dead (including the women) were civilians and were killed by U.S. forces, the American media largely adopted the Pentagon's version, often without any questions.  But enough evidence has now emerged disproving those claims such that the Pentagon was forced yesterday to admit that their original version was totally false and that it was U.S. troops who killed the women


How Americans Are Propagandized About Afghanistan


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Farmpunk wrote:

Listening to Budd saying she's leaving As It Happens!


Apparently, it's not a voluntary departure. They want to replace her because they have a new corporate policy to "replace announcers with journalists." (like Alan Maitland, Budd is just the voice of AIH, while Off and her predecessors do the interviews).


If the CBC really wanted to "replace announcers with journalists", they'd be putting Peter Mansbridge out to pasture (since he was "discovered" when making an announcement over the Churchill airport PA system).



The Dvorkin blog has a good commentary on the Budd situation. 

I think there are a number of factors in Budd's departure.  They could even be her own, though it doesn't seem that way, and certainly didn't *sound* that way that night.  She's been there 17 years.  In broadcast, that's a long time. 

I wasn't aware of anyone who thought Budd was a "journalist".  She was a voice on the show, the one who had to read the often tongue twisting editorials that were often the highlights of the show.  Maybe she wrote some herself, or all of them, doesn't matter - she was good at it. 

Being ruthless, I can see why they're doing the announcer thing.  The Ceeb wants to train its TV people to both sound and look good.  Radio grooms tomorrow's talking head.  And I assume CBC TV has a backlog of such journalists.

Mansbridge is a perfect case of a dude who needs to be Budded.

I understand the same announcer vs journalist fight is taking place during the news at six, with Bernie taking a backseat to Allison.  She's better than him, IMO. 


Then can you explain how evan soloman is in charge of a political show. Talking head disn't derogatory enough for him.


Why do I have to explain that? 

I don't watch Power and Politics.  I did watch Solomon speak once, and he was good.  Glib, smart, prepared. 

The inevitable facebook group opposing Budd's departure has formed.  I think I may join it, if only because apparently people are bashing Ghomeshi.

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