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Ah ok...i just couldn't figure out the theme. Thanks.


CBC tv has started advertising on Rightwingnut Radio (CFRB and AM640)...and the ads often run within seconds of the Belly Crackers (doyle, Stafford, oakley, bynon, dave agar etc) mocking the public broadcaster (and the '$1 billion' spent partially on radio network that doesn't sell ads)! Surely the CBC brainiacs know they wasting the money! it seems that giving public monies to reactionary radio which constantly advocates killing public broadcasting is wrong.

Jennifer westaway once (2003) did a piece about 'crazy relations of US presidents' and natcherly she mention 1)Ted kennedy, the drunken lady killer 2) Billy Carter, the beer swilling country bumpkin and 3) Roger Clinton, the drug addicted exconvict who's on welfare.   And? That was it. Nothing about the bush family. Nothing about anything that challenged  westaway's rightwing viewpoint.

'GO' had banbury one time (in 2004 i think) run a '5 reasons Al Gore lost the 2k election' when it turned out Gore WON the election and only lost due to trckery around the Florida recount, and the US supreme court.


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I haven't tune in to Brent Branbury's new program since the first episode. Just hearing Ezra Levant made me turn it off.

Here is an interesting review from a blogger:

Last week, a featured guest was Ezra Levant. The day after he was confirmed to be full of it. Having Levant on the show just validates his distortions of reality...

Fast forward to this weeks episode and the discussion on Harper's desperate effort to not be the first P. M. to lose Canada's regular turn on the Security Council. And the guest to discuss this issue with? John Bolton. Yes that John Bolton. The angry walrus mustached neo-con who, as U. S. Ambassador to the U.N., disrupted Security Council business as best he could. Almost as though he was following the Harper manual. A man whose appointment to the post was so controversial it could only be done as a recess appointment. A man who was instrumental in neutering the U.N. attempt to prevent the invasion of Iraq. Out of all of the former U.N. Ambassadors this is the one they chose?...

In the case of Day Six, it is just another example that this is not the CBC of Gzowski days. Standing up to bullying by the right is so last century. They recognize the implied Conservative threats to the Mother Corp funding and have utterly capitulated.




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