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George Victor

Ken Nordine turns 90 and his work is reviewed on Sunday morning's last hour:

Ken Nordine's Word Jazz Web Site and Podcast - Home

Listening to Jack Kerouac doing "Western Movies"

Voodoo Drums: Jack Kerouac's Word Jazz

Ritual Bonfire,Williams Bay Wisconsin


The Kerouac bit was my favourite. 


 I don't know about that guy saying that Kerouac wanted to be a jazz musician. Ti Jean always thought of himself as a writer.

Pollyanna Tremonti did her best Bob and Ray impression this morning, turning a discussion about Nietzsche into the Komodo Dragon Sketch.  It was as if she couldn't accept the interviewee's answers and had to keep repeating her questions.


That sounds like her style. You want a lot of laughs, watch when she interviews layton. Rude, interrupts, you can tell teh contempt she has for the NDP. I know that sounds over the top, but I really do get that inpression from the difference in the way she conducts her interviews depending on who is on.

George Victor

Hubert Lacroix has announced a five-year plan for the CBC that will be more Canadian, and as the Globe's John Doyle notes, "the CBC is identified as a public broadcaster in the opening sentence of the corporation's news release...(which) hasn't been a CBC thing for anumber of years." A lot of American programming will be exchanged for Canadian.

And for the first time in 20 years there's talk of expansion, regionally, "giving some CBC regional offices new equipment to deliver radio, TV and digital programming. The CBC will also create 'micro' news websites for large communities, the example the large Montreal suburb of Longueuil. Hamilton is another city under consideration for local coverage on the Internet."

As Doyle writes: "Under Richard Stursberg's leadership, CBC TV walked away from culture..." 

"The precariousness of the CBC's value as a public broadcaster and cultural institution has been clear for some time. It has divided, not united, Canadians. And nothing in the new plan is going to stop those droning voices calling for the CBC to be shut down because it costs money, it is left-wing and David Suzuki is an environmentalist. To those people, it doesn't matter that the CBC gets a pittance compared with the support other countries offer to their public broadcasters. But the CBC has given those voices too much ammunition in recent years. Now, it plans to do something that can be defended. To save its own life."


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