Censorship at the Toronto Star

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The Bish
Censorship at the Toronto Star

So the Toronto Star web site has an article up about the Canadian military covering up rapes in Afghanistan, and a lot of the comments are about how this is an Afghan problem that we can't really do anything about.  I posted a reply, which included the line "There
have been similar problems of rapes and coverups within the U.S.
military and contractors such as Blackwater, and those people are North Americans just
like we are." The comment appeared on the site, but the words "such as Blackwater" were removed from the post.  I'm assuming there's some sort of potential libel dimension to that, but I do find it interesting.


Not sure why they would remove Blackwater, especially given that 5 of their "soldiers" will potentially end up in jail for war crimes. Although Blackwater (of course) is using the "bad apples". My guess is, a good lawyer and a vicarious liability law suit would look good on the mighty fine Xian's running Blackwater.