Conrad Black. Reporting from his cell?

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Brian White
Conrad Black. Reporting from his cell?

I thought he was in prison for  fraud and theft? So how come the national post has him writing for them?

And  why are they even letting him write? He is disgraced. And they are a disgrace for allowing the crook to have a forum.

"the great green fraud" by conrad black was in the nov 28 national post.

Are you even allowed to get a job on the outside when you are in prizon?

Has anyone told the yanks that he is working? Is the national post so broke that they cannot afford to hire reporters now?

What will their next trick be? And now,  our new columnist:  reportingfrom the hague, mr.Karadzic.

I worked for a few guys last summer who had followed Blacks career for decades. One is a Quebec industrailist who dispises him. And has since he destroyed the massey ferguson brand.

The other guy was troubled because Black did not have a 6ft 5 roommate.

Where is the justice in having that f***er living like a king, and getting his rants printed in Canada every week? While others who have stolen a thousand times less are doing 3 to 5 years hard time?

Are there any charges against him in Canada. If there are, I know a few people who would contribute to the legal fees for putting him away for good.

And to show how stupid the nat post are on global warming, one of their other reporters was asking why the "earth is cooling" guys are not getting peer reviewed.    What an idiot.

They ARE getting peer reviewed.

But you do not get PUBLISHED if your science is crap.

But the nat post has clearly lost it. Columns bought and paid for by oil money.

Perhaps they can have a random prisoner column next?




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Welcome to accepted class privileges......


Don't thinks a class thing. That LA thug Stanley that was executed wrote books and newspaper columns while on death row