CRTC investigating Global Winnipeg

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CRTC investigating Global Winnipeg

The CRTC is now investigating Global TV for broadcasting Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents 

Case ID 488394   put your 2 cents in.

I started a thread last Feb, informing folks that the CBSC was reviewing my complaint against took them 13 months to come to the conclusion that it's okay for kids to watch this bigoted fear monger Sunday mornings (Global Winnipeg). I guess that's what we all expected, the CBSC is just a cadre of media people governing themselves thus inherently biased. We had to go thru this process because the CRTC will not act until the CBSC makes it's decision. Anyway the CRTC have been monitoring the situation since day one and now have the file.

Any reasonable person would agree that Van Impe is a bigot and uses fear/hate to sell his books and DVD's. He constantly attacks Islam and has called Obama a communist and says Canada is a socialist country because of our health care. In other words he's nothing but a shill for the christian right of the republican party and has no business on Canadain airwaves. The other aspect is children under 14 shouldnot be subjected to this type of programming AVGOT rating 14+ re: social issues.

For more info go to my website  where you can read Global's inane responses, how they break the Broadcast Act and CAB code of ethics as well as Human Rights Act.




Issues Pages: 

I've corrected the link:

I just hope Gary doesn't get hit with a lawsuit for using Van Impe's name? Unless that would help drive this creep off the air...



Thanks unionist for the http://

As for the domain name ...yes I assume he's pissed  my site ranks just behind his and I keep getting emails saying I'm going to hell etc. from his cult followers. Global is not happy either, they have called my home "take our names off the website" and tried to influence the CBSC by sending several emails trying to make me sound like a trouble maker who has no credibility. The CBSC thought they had better "forward" the emails to me as there is an ethical issue they didn't want to get involved with , thanks to Solange C.  If either of these two organizations thought they had a lawsuit it would have happened long ago. They have lots of $$$. I've had the domain name for 16 months or so and more importantly everything on the site is true. Van Impe has a Canadian presence yet is not "smart" enough to get a .ca.  I have a prominent disclaimer (just like Global) saying the site has nothing to do with JVIM or Global TV. Van impe is over 80 years old and has many ailments I want the CRTC to order Global to take his program off the air before he dies so he knows who won in the end, sane people. lol.

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I don't know much about this louse, but good luck with your site and its goals. Thanks for letting us know!


Yeah, ditto, wishing you success with this!

George Victor

Really admirable work, stuegriffin!  Best.

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I wrote to Global some time ago about this and got a snotty reply. I hope someone tears them a new one.



Thanks, stuegriffin for keeping us updated.  


I've bookmarked your page and will be looking in from time to time.


The information you posted regarding standards and the broadcast regulations are an eye opener at least for me.


If the show bothers you that much, why not just stop watching it?

I'm not a fan of Global either, but I don't see much point in this. These kinds of people especially thrive on controversey, and the controversey will just net them more attention and viewers.

Are we that weak as a society that we need someone else to protect us from things we don't like?



I don't watch the show, the point is Global blatantly disregards the law. The Canadian Broadcast Act is a law enacted by Parliament and regulated by the CRTC. Go to my website and see the proof. Why should Van Impe make a bunch of $$$ spreading his hate propaganda in Canada and his insane end of the world prophecies. Our kids shouldn't hear that the world is going to end on Dec. 21/2012. He says it every week! That's what his DVD's are about. Global is like the pimp or crack dealer they get their cut and don't give a rats ass about kids or Muslims (victims). 

Van Impe Presents is a great example of American right wing Christian fundamentalist (the republican party) spreading hate, fear and bigotry in the guise of a religious program. You have all seen the FOX gang at work. Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, that idiot Palin et al. They all make bigoted comments and make unproven accusations and get away with it because of a flaw in the US Constitution. This freedom of speech crap in the states is lunacy. We have laws in Canada about what can be broadcast and unless the CRTC stops Global from airing Van Impe as a precedent we're going to be inundated with more American ( and the wannabe Canadian conservative network) right wing garbage.

@N Beltov call the CRTC in Winnipeg  1-877-249-CRTC (2782) File #488394 for reference  

I have sent the CRTC several emails from Karen Clout/Michelle Medford which were simply outrageous. Both women lied  to me and others about CAB clause 8. Clout tried to influence the CBSC a regulatory agency by trying to make me sound irrelevant and nothing but a trouble maker. Typical. So please send them a copy of Global's response and that will help a lot. Global keeps saying there have only a handful of complaints. THX

BTW forget the CBSC and Global Regulatory people they are useless they dragged this out for over 13 months to keep me from filing w/ the CRTC.

Hi Tommy_Paine you can call me Gary. I like Stewie Griffin's attitude from the Family Guy lol.

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Keep up the great job on this Gary....and thank you.