CRTC will expand to enfore CASL, Canada Anti Spam Law, July 2014

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CRTC will expand to enfore CASL, Canada Anti Spam Law, July 2014

I'm not a fan of the CRTC, but I hate spammers more. 

Lots of good people are really worried about CASL, Canada's Anti Spam Law because the fines are stiff, and the CRTC is in charge of enforcing, prosecuting offenders.

$1 - $200 fine per email per issuance if caught sending Commercial Electronic Messages to people you dont know with offers they didnt ask for.. spamming them.

Shaun Brown breakfast with email marketing execs in TorontoOn Jan 23rd 2014 Ottawa based privacy lawyer Shaun Brown spoke at a free CASL Compliance business breakfast for email marketers in Toronto and discussed his interpretations of the new anti spam law, and how he reckoned the CRTC will go about enforcing the new legal code. He stated that the organization would be acquiring 31 new inspectors and would begin prosecuting offenders immediately upon the new act coming into force 1st day of July 2014, and would seek to win some early court cases to show the world that their new law works and has teeth.

So be warned, if your business sends emails, look out.

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correction - CRTC has 30 inspectors currently, and will get more



Personally, I think the entire email protocol should just be abandoned at this point. When 99% of the traffic is spam, and when it's necessary to use filtering software for it to be usable at all, it's time to move on to something superior. How much money is the world wasting by conveying all these spam messages that most people won't see?

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Vigorate Digital is hosting a CASL - Canadian Anti Spam Law question and answer period with Canadian Privacy Lawyer, Shaun Brown on June 4th at 2pm EDT.

Brown has worked closely with the Canadian Government to finalize the regulations..

CASL prohibits the sending of Commercial Electronic Messages without consent, but this only scratches the surface of the regulations that will be in place as of July 1st of this year.

Get you CASL questions answered! Understand how the legislation will impact your own points of opt-in, email campaigns, database management, and how you can avoid heavy monetary penalties. You cannot afford to miss this event.

You can also tweet your questions live Q&A using the hashtag #CASLQnA.

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You can watch the June 4th webinar with Shaun Brown on CASL which is an hour long piece whereby Mr Brown answers dozens of good questions about the new law, enforcement, and legal exceptions and what excatly is a C.E.M. or Commercial Electronic Message?

CASL webinar, June 4th 2014, Shaun Brown