Day-care sex-abuse hysteria

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Day-care sex-abuse hysteria



Day-care sex-abuse hysteria

Just watched the following movie based on one of the above stories which is both a very sad indictment of those with positions of power within the justice system, and the sickness in our mainstream media.

The McMartins, completley innocent as they were, and this happened in the 80s, and although subjected to 7 years of trail, I'm sure are still paying the price of being falsely accused.

Media loves to play the innocent victim constantly, saying they are just conveying the news, when they purposely whip up mass hesteria. 

In The Devil in the Nursery in 2001, Margaret Talbot for The New York Times summarized the case:

"When you once believed something that now strikes you as absurd, even unhinged, it can be almost impossible to summon that feeling of credulity again. Maybe that is why it is easier for most of us to forget, rather than to try and explain, the Satanic-abuse scare that gripped this country in the early 80s — the myth that Devil-worshipers had set up shop in our day-care centers, where their clever adepts were raping and sodomizing children, practicing ritual sacrifice, shedding their clothes, drinking blood and eating feces, all unnoticed by parents, neighbors and the authorities."[9]


Indictment: The McMartin Trial



Few tears will be shed here for the legal profession, as most people's perceptions of lawyers and the justice system were on full display in the above movie

The legal profession is where rich and powerful lawyers hang out and work to protect their main clients: the rich and powerful

Montreal-based law firm Heenan Blaikie closing down


Ah yes, the Devil's behind the rape of children. Thank Christ we have that Catholic priest in town to protect our babies.


No wonder mainstream media is hooped asfter reading useless articles like this one about the collapse of Heenan Blaikie when barely a word is mentioned about the real reason the firm collapsed - GREED. 

Where is the investigative reporting about how much each of these fat cat lawyers pulled in over the years and how they sucked the company dry.

Good riddance to them.

How the Heenan Blaikie law firm collapsed

The venerable law firm of Heenan Blaikie self-destructs after 40 years and leaves the legal community agog.


This is some funny drift.

On that firm, sure it's greed. But reading into it I'd say it's a bit more complex than that - not just market pressures, but also what happens to a lot of organizations once the second generation starts taking over and the original vision is lost.

As for the main story, I don't know about that other case, but I know with the Martensville case the fact that it involved cops and a fairly straight religious community made it all the easier to assume that of course they had something to hide and there really was some sinister cabal.

It had nothing to do with believing in the devil - just in the assumptions that others did.







Um... using the thread title as a guide, can someone tell me what this thread is about? That sexual abuse does not occur in day care centres?

Why does the thread author feel this is an important topic to open up at this moment in time, with the current high-profile child sexual abuse scandal in the headlines?


NR, please specify what this thread is about. Child sexual abuse? A movie? Wrongful conviction? Greedy lawyers? I'd like to change the thread title to something that looks less like something Sun Media would concoct.