Do you watch (Rogers) TV Part 2

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Do you watch (Rogers) TV Part 2

Thought I would start the discussion again.


Rogers Communications, the country's second-biggest internet provider, is lowering the usage limits on some of its plans, just days after online video service Netflix announced it was expanding into Canada.

The company lowered the limits Wednesday on several of its service plans in Ontario, its main market. Users who signed up for the cable company's "Extreme" service after July 21 will be allowed 80 gigabytes of monthly usage, versus 90 GB for those who signed up before.

Customers who sign up for the "Lite" service will now get 15 GB, versus 25 GB before.

What happened to the contract people signed. Oh yeah they mean spit all. This is lawless criminal behaviour. If I have a contract they shouldn't be able to arbitrarily change it by changeing what the "package" I subscribe to contains.
I am waiting for bell to follow. I will cancel internet at that point and go to the damn library. I already don't have TV because I am tired of being gouged by these bastards and now they want to eliminate competition by making it impossible to provide service for interent TV.

25 to 15 GB thats a 40 percent reduction in service should you pay them 40% less on your bill. Oh but they upped your speed...I don't need speed I need bandwidth. They throttle the speed anyway.

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I dropped Rogers' internet service a few months ago and I've never been better served. The only thing that bothers me about doing so is why I waited so long.


Rogers and Swiss Chalet merge.

The Swiss Chalet chain, which specializes in roasted chicken and ribs, announced on Facebook, in conjunction with Rogers Cable, viewers will be able to watch chickens roasting around the clock on Channel 208 beginning Monday.


Does Rogers carry Al Jazeera? I'm on Sasktel, and they don't, so I might be shopping around for a new cable dealer, but not Rogers.