Don Cherry and Cold FX

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Don Cherry and Cold FX

I hope that others will join me in my letter writing campaign:

Emailed to [email protected] :


In light of recent remarks by Don Cherry, accusing those who did not vote a certain way in the recent Toronto election of being "Pinko Leftists", and espousing a pro-war attitude, I don't think I will be availing myself of your products any more. I will also be encouraging my environmental, centrist friends and family to stop buying your products as well.


My Name and Address



I would love to start a campaign against all of the cherry advertisers. I already sent a letter to moores who never replied.


Don Cherry pimps war porn on the CBC's time and the taxpayer's dime?

Who'd a thunk it?


I always assumed he owned some of the company. 

A quick google gave me this;

Friday, 31 August, 2007
Don Cherry, COLD-fx cleared in federal investigation

The makers of the OTC drug COLD-fx and company spokesperson/hockey commentator Don Cherry have been let off the hook in an NDP-initiated lobby ethics investigation in Ottawa, reports the Montreal Gazette.

NDP ethics critic Pat Martin called for the inquiry after the pugnacious former Boston Bruins coach and other COLD-fx employees met with Prime Minister Stephen Harper privately in 2006 and gave him a signed hockey jersey and a case of COLD-fx pill bottles.