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i  put up a note at the CBC website, commenting on the appointment of a pharma CEO to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research board, and linked that to a joint Canada Pension Plan -Goldman Sachs -private equity takeover of IMS Health Inc, a US based pharma data corporation, and the comment wasn't posted.

nor was a second comment I posted noting the omission.

wondering if it was an editorial block at CBC or some gargoyle in my computer system..


in any case, it's atrocious

that goes too for the further CPP taxpayer-funded privatization and subsidy of health data/ pharma/ and insurance profiteering.

eventually we won't be able to afford universal public health care at all, thanks to Harperite privatization.

especially under NAFTA where the public-private partnership with US-based investors will give rights to those investors over Canadian residents.  Even if the ongoing funnelling of our tax dollars to US companies, while buying back our own data, bankrupts our public system and our health, we are obligated under NAFTA to continue subsidizing these US-based investors.  NAFTA and all WTO deals are money and death pits.

pharmaceutical products are made from oil too- pharma giants and oil companies share board members and major investors.  As we subsidize Big Pharma, Big Money, and Big Oil through public-private partnerships and 'trade' deals, we continue to fund destruction of the Earth.

and from the looks of other news, with Obama wanting to go ahead with more troops to Afghanistan, for the profits of Big Money and Big Gas/Oil/Mining/Infrastructure over there, it looks like things are going to get a lot worse for ordinary people everywhere.

The more those interests are given funding, the more they continue their destruction. 

Major changes are needed.