Emergency Broadcast Network Video Archives

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Emergency Broadcast Network Video Archives

I'm not sure if this will appeal to anyone here, but I've just discovered that Joshua Pearson of Emergency Broadcast Network is still hosting a wide range of the group's old videos online. I doubt the site's been updated in a long time, so they may or may not work with your version of Quicktime, but they're well worth checking out.





EBN was an American multimedia performance group that was mainly active in the early to mid nineties. They reached the height of their public attention working with U2 during their "ZooTV" era. This stuff predates conventional video DJing gear by a number of years, which is all the more impressive if you're into the technical aspects of this sort of thing.


Hey Many Thanks!

Great find -- this appeals very much to me. I loved the EBN stuff I've seen elsewhere and it's awesome to get some more. Have you been to totalrecut.com or politicalremixvideo.com? Lots of great stuff there from people carrying on the EBN tradition.



No, I haven't, but thanks! I'll be sure to check them out. As I'm sure a lot of people here already know, there's also Guerrilla News Network.