The Fall Of The Young Turks

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The Fall Of The Young Turks

This thread is dedicated to exposing how a once progressive media organization has lost its way.

The Young Turks are not what they started out to be. There were several signs. The first one was this unprofessional reaction to Alex Jones coming onto their set at the RNC convention in 2016. Then, for their claim to be fighting the Establishment, they told everybody that Donald Trump was so bad that they should vote for Hillary Clinton. This is pretty much what every other Establishment media network did, even though int he past TYT has criticized these same networsks for misleading people. Then, along with Kyle Kulinski of Secular Talk, Cenk Uygur decides he's going to force the Democrats to turn left by starting the Justice Democrats. I'll have more on how wrong-headed that approach is in the paragraph below. All was well, until he had to resign from Justce Democrats after previous writings of Cenk which disparaged women came to light. then they had to fire one of their own reporters over allegations of sexual assault. Now Cenk has also been accused of racial discrimination.

On to the issue which destroys TYT's claim to be taking on The Establishment. They like to rant and scream about the Establishment media and how the politicians and media are lying and don't get it. Yet the one time they had a chance to stand against the Establishment they blew it big time by endorsing Hillary Clinton and echoing the line of all other Establishment media. "Oh, vote for Hillary and then we'll get the money out of politics!" No you won't. Actions speak louder than words. Since they are based in California, they could have said, "I know everyone's afraid of Donald Trump, but California is not in play, so we are going to vote for third party candidates, and California is a big enough state that if enough of you do that then it will boost their ranks and help them take their message to the wider public next time." His insistence that the Democratic Party can be reformed is also mind-boggling. Cenk prides himself on being very knowledgeable and on a crusade to fight against ignorance, yet the idea of the left taking over the Democratic Party has been tried before, as Jill Stein pointed out to his face. For someone who claims to hate ignorance, Cenk is very ignorant of this basic fact about the Democratic Party. Further to that, Cenk never attempted to address the issue of why he expects the current attempt at Justice Democrats to succees where everyone else before them has failed.

Such a shame. Their coverage of so many issues before the 2016 campaign were groundbreaking and speaking truths that no one else would. Sadly, they have morphed into an online version of Establishment media they once opposed at one point.