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The Farber Response

I was very surprised that Farber replied to Jaku on the email question:


 Dear Ms. xxxxxxx:

 Thank you for your email. Yours was the second request I had today regarding our policy on letters and emails posted to our site. I had the opportunity to read the thread in question and must admit that I was somewhat taken aback by the inordinate amount of attention being paid to me and my T-shirt at last year's Pride parade. As to your query, CJC does not post individual emails or letters on our site. We certainly would never post emails or comments that we believe to be antisemitic and then target that individual by labeling the writer as an antisemite. Indeed I am sad to report that we receive many emails that are in fact antisemitic and those which cross the legal line are simply reported to the police.

 I hope this information is helpful. I am always pleased to chat with you or anyone who has concerns or questions pertaining to CJC policy. Please feel free to call me at the phone number provided below if you so choose.




Whatever one may think of him I can't imagine he would lie. So where does that leave us?. Jaku was right and she got the short shift?


Not that this will get much sympathy but I think Jaku is owed an apology. That would be the right thing to do.


Do we have a copy of the query that Jaku sent to Mr Farber? Because now I am very confused. From Mr Farber's reply, I take it that he has not grasped the situation. Maybe Jaku didn't really grasp it either.


In my reading of the last thread, a babbler who chooses to remain pseudonymous wrote a letter to the Toronto Star that was published there and then commented upon on the CJC site. I sit to be corrected, but I think that's what happened. Mr Farber seems to be wandering around looking at outside submissions to the CJC site, but I don't think that that was the claim. We may have a failure tuh communicate here.


Anyway, as several people (including two moderators) said on the last thread, we've got a Catch-22 here. Pursuing this discussion any further risks violating the privacy of a babbler who chooses to remain pseudonymous. We don't and can't do that.


I must admit -- this gave me a chuckle:


I ... was somewhat taken aback by the inordinate amount of attention being paid to me and my T-shirt at last year's Pride parade.


If anyone made Mr Farber's T-shirt a cause célebre that has persisted for almost a year, it was Mr Farber, with his humourless attack on Antonia, and of course the FoFs who keep turning up in the durndest places, talking on and on about the T-shirt, which I believe Antonia herself never mentioned, or at least not at the time. And then there are the eggs.



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This thread is less concerned with Bernie Farber, Antonia Zerbisias and Pride than it is with goading a babbler into outing herself. That's against babble policy. And what happened in the previous thread was dangerously close to a pile-on by a group of babblers whose presence on this site has been repeatedly shown to be disingenuous at best. Consider this a warning. I'm closing this thread.

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