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Free At Last! CHEK-TV Version

I don't see that it has been mentioned but CHEK-TV on Vancouver Island is also breaking away from Canwest Global.  Canwest was planning on shutting the station down, along with the one in Red Deer, if there was no buyer.  When it became apparent that no white knight was coming along, a group of local investors and station employees formed with the goal of taking over CHEK.  The employees were aided by fellow CEP unions representing the local pulp & paper operation and the Global Advisory Group (CEP locals of Canwest operations).

It was touch and go at the end but an agreement has been reached to sell to the local group and for Canwest to provide facilities until everything can be switched over the the new ownership.  Operations that Canwest had centralized will need to be built and a new slate of programming purchase for the independent CHEK.  This is not an easy task the employees have taken on but the best of luck to them and their vieewers on Vancouver Island.

While CHEK-TV remains on the air and employing people, CHCA Red Deer has not be so fortunate.  Canwest shut the station down at the end of August as threatened.

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Excellent news!

Good luck!

With the rider, one hopes that the quality of news reporting improves.

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I was missing my Island news reports.  Great news. 


It is wonderful to see that in these times of corporate rule that a little bit of anarchy is getting such a big story in the media. What our economy needs and has always needed is vibrant businesses owned and controlled by the workers in those businesses.

Syndicalism is the answer to corporate feudalism.


Excellent news! A similar employee-led buyout was at one stage proposed for CHCH in Hamilton. Good to see an alternative to the corporate model. Come to think of it, though, The Toronto Sun started off as an employee-led revival of the moribund Toronto Telegram, and we all know what a mighty organ of cooperative syndicalism it's turned out to be.