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Galloway, Canada, Israel

JEFFREY SIMPSON claims Canada is now "the most pro-Israel country in the world"

in Tuesday's Globe and Mail
March 24, 2009 at 12:00 AM EDT


Echoes of Israel in the graveyard of broken dreams

Undoubtedly, Mr. Galloway would have given offence in Canada, because he always does. His pro-Palestinian views would have offended some. His participation in a "Viva Palestina" convoy of aid delivered to the elected government of Gaza - that is, Hamas - had already riled a number of people. And that is the real reason the Harper government didn't want him in Canada: He supports Hamas.

The larger lesson of this rather insignificant saga is how far the Harper government has moved to align Canada with Israel and its staunchest supporters. Canada is now the most "Israel, right or wrong" government in the world, except for the Israeli government itself.
The big pro-Israel organizations in Canada hailed the decision to ban Mr. Galloway. But do Canadians, while of course being supportive of Israel's existence and security, really want their country to be the most completely aligned with Israel, especially now that it is to be led by a very right-wing coalition that doesn't believe in a two-state "solution" to the Palestinian problem?

Israel and its staunchest supporters don't like the United Nations, but a lot of Canadians do. The Harper government's "ready-aye-ready" support for Israel isn't helping Canada's campaign there for a seat on the Security Council, since a whole lot of countries (and not just Arab ones) don't want an Israeli echo on the Security Council. A pro-Israel, but more nuanced voice, perhaps; an echo, no...."


Although I may have missed it being mentioned, there is a possibility that there was direct contact between Canada and Israel over Galloway's ban for "security reasons".

People puzzled over the one year old "security agreement" between Canada and Israel because we don't exactly share borders.
We may never know what the secret details, "information sharing" or functioning of the one year agreement entails. Galloway's humanitarian aid caravan to Gaza would certainly put him on Israel's enemies list.
from the Canadian Jewish News:


Canada, Israel sign security declaration
By ANDY LEVY-AJZENKOPF, Staff Reporter   
Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Canada and Israel have signed a “declaration of intent” to allow both countries to co-operate further on security matters of mutual concern.

The document – signed in Tel Aviv on Sunday by Canada’s minister of public safety, Stockwell Day, right, and Israeli Minister of Public Security Avi Dichter, left, – is intended “to enhance co-operation in the area of public safety” and is another indicator of continued warm relations between the two countries.

In a statement released by Canada’s Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Day said the declaration would help both countries address “common threats” to national security.

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Well, that agreement is over tomorrow then?


remind wrote:
Well, that agreement is over tomorrow then?


No, sorry, that was my sloppy cut and paste of a sentence. There is no termination date, afaik.

But the substance of the last post raises a few pressing questions I'd like to have answered regarding the formalized agreement and its implimentation.

The longest treatment I have have seen is here, which has the statement:


The terms reference of the Canada-Israel Declaration are extremely broad. They include issues of immigration and ethnic profiling, the management of borders, intelligence and the exchange of information, emergency preparedness, correctional services, prisons, law enforcement and counter-terrorism.

And a quote from a story in the Jerusalem Post:


Oct 29, 2007 21:39 | Updated Oct 29, 2007 22:51

Israel, Canada sign security accord

In a further step toward security cooperation between Canada and Israel, Public Security Minister Avi Dichter met Monday in Toronto with his Canadian counterpart, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Stockwell Day. Following the meeting, Dichter and Day announced that they would accelerate negotiations toward the signing of a mutual cooperation agreement on homeland security.

The two signed an interim agreement through which, in the upcoming week, three teams will be established to enable cooperation in the fields of combating terror, fighting crime, and border security. Later, the two ministries will work to iron out details involving the final cooperation agreement, culminating in the signing of a joint agreement.

During the Toronto meeting, Dichter and Day exchanged updates on matters of mutual interest and sought to identify methods to improve the implementation of the bilateral cooperation between the two ministries. They also agreed to work to identify options for direct communication in order to maximize the exchange of information, technology and operational activity.

So, what ARE the "details involving the final cooperation agreement"?
If Israel labels someone (eg Galloway) "a serious entry threat" would Canada be compelled by the interpretation of the agreement  to prevent entry through its own borders?

That is not to say that this Con Government hasn't shown itself completely willing and capable  to carry out its own disgraces against freedom of expression--yet we likely will never know who instigated the banning of a British MP  unless Canada actually comes clean with the operational details of this bizarre "border" agreement between distant countries.  

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 Thanks and good points!


Great article about the extent of Israel's spying.  Doesn't talk much about Canada but you can fill in the blanks.

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Even if the shamefully complicit Canadian media refuses to even mention it, Michel Chossudovsky, to his credit, has now connected the six-foot high dots of the Galloway affair with the suppressed discussion of the Canada Israel "Public Security" Agreement :

Contrary to what has been reported in the media, this was not a unilateral decision by the government of Canada.

The decision was taken in close consultation with Israel under the terms of a farreaching agreement of "public security" signed by Ottawa and Tel Aviv on March 23 2008. The "Declaration of Intent" establishes a framework of  bilateral cooperation in the area of "Public Security". The agreement has not been the object of debate in the Canadian parliament, nor has it received media coverage.  

Under the proposed agreement, the Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness of Canada is in liason with his Israeli counterpart the Director General of Public Security for the Government of the State of Israel. Together they chair a joint Management Committee.

The terms reference of the Canada-Israel "Declaration" are extremely broad. They include issues of immigration and ethnic profiling, the management of borders, intelligence and the exchange of information, emergency preparedness, correctional services, prisons, law enforcement  and counter-terrorism.  The agreement allows for officials from the State of Israel, to play a role in Canadian "public security" including border security and immigration. Were Israeli officials present in Canada? The important question is whether Israeli officials were present in Canada and whether they were assisting their Canadian  counterparts with regard to the decision to bar George Galloway....

The actual terms of the Declaration (which is also on the Gov of Canada site) along with Chossudovsky's analysis are in the ANNEX part of that post.

 I'd hope Babble News adds some commentary


And don't expect any uncomfortable questions in the House about this outrageous betrayal of  Canadian sovereignty.  The issue is inextricably bound to the race to bottom in courting the pro-Israel lobby.


Harper reaffirms Tory support for state of Israel

Updated: Thu Mar. 26 2009 9:23:05 PM
The Canadian Press

Harper passionately reaffirmed his government's support for the state of Israel in a speech to hundreds of members of the Jewish community in the Toronto suburb of Thornhill.

Harper was interrupted by several standing ovations -- at the grand opening ceremony for a community centre.
The speech comes amid the government's refusal to allow British MP George Galloway from entering Canada, apparently because of links to Hamas.

The federal government says Galloway is inadmissible because he engaged in terrorism and was a member of a group that engaged in terrorism. ...

It's Me D

Hey the Globe's got a great story on this: _______'s Influence Spreads

The ban is the latest signal of _______'s growing power and influence in ______. _______ has become the top _______ partner of many _______ countries, and ______'s ruling ________ is reported to be a one of the biggest financial contributors to the ______, _______'s ruling party.

_____ had been invited to _____ in _____ this week by some of ______'s most revered leaders, including _________. But the government said it refused to give a visa to _________ because _______.

_________ is a hated figure in ____, where he is routinely attacked as a "______" because of his campaign for _________.

"We are shamelessly succumbing to _________ pressure," said _________, who was scheduled to attend the peace conference.

The ___________ embassy in ___________ has confirmed that it opposed ________'s visit. In ______, a foreign ministry spokesman said yesterday that ______ appreciates any country that takes "measures" against ________.

Just kidding... our media reserves their critical-thinking skills for attacking America's enemies; here's the real "coverage" they've devoted to Galloway's ban:

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney will not intervene in a decision to bar British anti-war MP George Galloway from Canada. Mr. Galloway termed the decision “idiotic” after Citizenship and Immigration Canada deemed the outspoken politician inadmissible on security grounds.


Anyway great thread, pity you've put more effort into covering this than our national media.


The reality now is even much worse than when the "Security Declaration" was signed. With this new Israel government our "security agreement" binds Canada directly to the most racist and proto-fascist elements of the new Israel government.

"Avigdor Lieberman, leader of Israel's right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu Party... will gain the Tourism, National Infrastructure, Immigration Absorption and National Security portfolios in the new government".

Published on Wednesday, March 25, 2009 by The Guardian/UK


Avigdor Lieberman, Israel's Shame

by Neve Gordon
... The person in question is also under investigation for money-laundering, fraud and breach of trust; in addition, he was a bona fide member of an outlawed racist party and currently leads a political party that espouses fascist ideas. On top of all this, he does not even reside in the country he has been chosen to represent.

Even though such a portrayal may appear completely outlandish, Israel's new foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, actually fits the above depiction to the letter.

    * In 2001, following his own confession, Lieberman was found guilty of beating a 12-year-old boy. As part of a plea bargain, Lieberman was fined 17,500 shekels and had to promise never to hit young children again.
    * In 2004, Lieberman's 21-year-old daughter Michal set up a consulting firm, which received 11m shekels from anonymous overseas sources. Lieberman, according to the police, received more than a 2.1m-shekel salary from the company for two years of employment. In addition, according to an investigation by Haaretz, he allegedly received additional severance pay - amounting to hundreds of thousands of shekels - in 2006 and 2007, while he was minister of strategic affairs and deputy prime minister. According to Israeli law, this is illegal.
    * Lieberman is an ex-member of Meir Kahane's party, Kach, which was outlawed due to its blatantly racist platform. Moreover, his views towards Arabs do not appear to have changed over the years. In 2003, when reacting to a commitment made by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to give amnesty to approximately 350 Palestinian prisoners, Lieberman declared that, as minister of transport, he would be more than happy to provide buses to take the prisoners to the sea and drown them there.
    * In January 2009, during Israel's war on Gaza, Lieberman argued that Israel "must continue to fight Hamas just like the United States did with the Japanese in the second world war. Then, too, the occupation of the country was unnecessary." He was referring to the two atomic bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.
    * Lieberman does not live in Israel according to its internationally recognised borders, but rather in an illegal settlement called Nokdim. Legally speaking, this would be like US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton residing in Mexico and UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband living on the Canary Islands.

And yet, despite these egregious transgressions, newly-elected Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has no qualms about appointing Lieberman to represent Israel in the international arena. Netanyahu's lust for power has led him to choose a man who actually poses a serious threat to Israel. Both Lieberman's message and style are not only violent, but have clear proto-fascist elements; and, as Israeli commentators have already intimated, he is extremely dangerous


Its somehow is true about Canada . But can't believe at first glance . There are more news on Israel availabe at various sources which are trustworthy and believeable.

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stevetaylor, what a vile hateful site you linked to. "Trustworthy and believeable"? I don't think so.


Five seconds there turned my stomach...


It's Me D wrote:

Anyway great thread, pity you've put more effort into covering this than our national media.

Well, we ARE "national media".  We're just not mainstream media, that's all.

News for the rest of us, and all. :)