GeoCities is shutting down October 26, 2009

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GeoCities is shutting down October 26, 2009

Yes, all those great old personal websites - many of them left-wing - will be [url=]gone in a few short months.[/url]

GeoCities rose to power during an era when publishing on the Internet meant setting up your own Web site. GeoCities simplified the process by helping people sidestep the complications of registering a domain and learning how to program HTML...

Yahoo bought GeoCities for more than $2.9 billion in dot-com-priced stock in 1999, when GeoCities had more than 1.1 million users. [url=


GeoCities has been around since 1996, and many radicals took advantage of its simplicity to set up websites that contain some interesting and indeed valuable archival material. I will be cruising those sites and looking for documents to download and save for future reference.

I welcome suggestions.


Sites you don't know about are of little interest.

Sites you do know about can be "sucked down" to your hard drive (and then re-uploaded to some other free host if you want!) using one of several free utilities. I have been using [url=]HTTrack Website Copier[/url] for years for that very purpose. It's available for Windows, Linux, Unix, and BSD as far as I know.


Buddy Kat

I would bet that a lot of radicals probably have stuff on geocities that are just stored there from when they had pages...I must have 500 megs stored there from my old anti transgas site. Now that they are closing it down I guess I'll have to make you tube videos instead. More hits with you tube anyways , so  if the intention is too muzzle people they just shot themselves in the foot. Worse yet..stuff deemed too radical even for the radical will make it's way out.


That website copier is too kool...I just downloaded it.


Just for a lark I searched for the old site and ended up with a reference to and old babble thread on how barium was found in government grown pot. Barium is used as a rat poison....from my old site i learned it's used as a spray agent and usually has a yellow tinge that I actually photographed as they dumped it on a small local town.

I had a pretty good uranium page there too that probably should be resurrected seeing as how uranium is such a hot issue in saskathewan right now. I was planning at the time to make it a song called "depleted cranium"..just chalked full of gross pics.