Global breaking CAB Code of Ethics by airing Jack Van Impe Ministries' message of hate, fear and bigotry

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Global breaking CAB Code of Ethics by airing Jack Van Impe Ministries' message of hate, fear and bigotry

Hello all,

Tommy_Paine suggested I move this subject to the Media Forum from Intros.

I'm taking Global Tv to task by issuing a complaint  (back in March) to the Canadian Broadcasters Standards Council (CBSC) about Global's airing of the Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents on various Canwest Global stations across Canada on Sunday mornings. A lot of kids are watching TV at this hour and I asked Global to put a verbal parental warning before the show begins. Global has refused so I appealed their decision to the CSBC as they are breaking clause 8 of the CAB Code of Ethics. This so-called religious program spews forth hate, fear and bigotry not peace, harmony and tolerance other religious programs promote. Van Impe has made the following inflammatory remarks on his program:
"Christianity is at war with Islam" and "Muslims hate Jews".
Please go to my web page for more info. Seems the Van Impe webmaster forgot .ca              
Any ideas are welcome.
Gary Gowler bsw.
Selkirk. MB



I have little patience for sitting through an entire broadcast of Jack Van Impe, or Peter Popoff, or Benny Hinn, or Pat Robertson.  But someone should be watching these guys for messages of hate, and other fraudulent practices. 

I'm sure they skirt the margins of various codes and the law in what they say, so activism along those lines might not be as efficient as contacting the advertisers on those shows telling them your problems with the show, and how you identify their brand with that show, and how you are sharing that association between their brand and the show with as many people as possible. 

The standard answer from advertisers is that they are not resonsible for the content of the show, but the response to that is that they enable the show, so they can't side step their responsibilities in this regard.  Nor will you let them to the best of your ability.



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Some of these guys have managed to cultivate a huge following over the years. In the 1980s the relatives of a friend of mine were huge supporters of some of these programs, almost bankrupting themselves to keep these programs on the air. I find that tremendously scary.


These people are the "Pulled myself up by my bootstraps " kinda people. I don't want to shit on people for believing in god, but saying everything good in life is a result of the devine while everything bad is the fault of the devil is rediculous. Even my mom, a staunch catholic, doesn't leave blame on "the devil" 

So they believe they are souly(pun in) responsible for getting to a good position in life as long as that by myselfness involves some imaginary person in the sky. Not at all about their brother in law phil who got them the job to start with. Nor the fact they were so incompetant at their job to start with that they just kept moving them until they did an OK job in middle management. I think we have met this person a time or two.

I like to think I work hard and professionally doing a good job to keep and retain my job, however I know I have had help along the way from people that I may not even know about.

I had a good friend shit on me behind my back, only found out a few years later. He wanted to make himself look better, it worked. But in the same way as he was stabbing me in the back someone else was helping me without my knowledge. So the bootstrap mentallity is false...sorry about the drift. It just seems the bootstrappers are the type to blame the devil for the failings and god for any good things, and they love jack van impe...quote him in fact.


Many of the televangelist type shows also promote hate, not just Van Impe.

Good initiative.  I wonder how many people watch Van Impe for the same reason I do - for the entertainment factor? :D  I know there are people out there who take it seriously, but I find it funny, and fun to mock while watching.

I don't, however, feel comfortable indulging my guilty pleasure with my son in the room.  I remember watching it briefly when flipping through the channels when he was with me, and within about a minute, I'd turned it off.

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Glad to hear that watching JVI for amusement value is not a unique vice. Sigh, reminds me how much I miss the old old days when I could watch Jim and Tammy....


No thread about nutcase televangelists would be complete without this video:

Benny Hinn - Let the bodies hit the floor


Jack Van Impe Ministries Presents is basically an infomercial. JVIM pays Global Tv to broadcast his program, the more stations airing it the more $$$ Global makes and more revenue from sales of dvd's for JVIM. There are no commercials or advertisers, his show is an 1/2 hr. advertisement in itself and even more sinister than other televangelists in that he scares my fellow Canadians  and they buy into his hate and fear mongering thus making him rich.  All the cash leaves Canada and goes into his pocket. JVIM has a PO Box in Winsor but other than that ministry does nothing to better the lot of Canadians. What the %*#* is that about, at least have a soup kitchen run by Rexella. lol

I see Global TV as the problem, will they continue to broadcast hate, fear and bigotry for a few dollars (PIMPS)?  My only option was to go after Global thru the CBSC. Anyone who is outraged go to my website and email Global TV and/or CBSC.


Rexella and JVI are funny to a point. When they start preaching that socialists are threatening to takeover America, and that nuclear war with Russia and China is prophesied in the bible, then I think they've become dangerous idiots with a podium that reaches far too many people.

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No one advertises,  as it is an advertisement itself, tommy.

It is paid programing.


Thanks for bringing this up Gary, there is another thread I started around here, about JVI,  where I was mocking him and Rexella. As I could not at first believe anyone could be taking them seriously. Overtime, I started to see sequential patterning occuring.


... try to watch the show at least twice per month now, so I know what the forth coming propaganda push is going to be in the MSM, and some alternative media.

Quite the trick, they critique news, followed by inferences of what is going to be viewed/heard next week on the news, in the MSM. Then they get to say the next week, "see we told you that right here on the JVI....", followed by a critique of how it was said here, here, and here, too.

Then comes the set up of, Jack being able to see/know what is forthcoming,  in its many variations of crafted and well edited messaging, and sure enough, on some news cycle in the upcoming week, Jack will be right.




Thank you for pointing this out, about them being "infomercials", because that broadens the issue.  Besides the televangelist infomercials, there are also infomercials for questionable products. "Q-ray" bracelets springs to mind, male enhancement suplements another, and I'm highly suspicious of the Internet Millions claims. 

In all of these, the station will publish a dissclaimer.

I think if concerned people had the resources, those shows-- questionable products and televangelists together-- could even be open to prosecution on some claims.

However, I still believe that in this current climate, pressure on advertisers is the most efficient route.  Just because a major space buyer at Canwest Global isn't associated with any of those infomercials, doesn't negate the fact that their dollars are supporting a network that supports dubious products, services and religious tomfoolery.





A few months ago I submitted a complaint re: Van Impe to the Advertising Standards Council as the "infomercial" breaks rule 11; advertisers cannot use fear and intimidation to sell a product. The AD COUNCIL copt out saying it was a US based program and they had no jurisdiction or something to that effect. There is something fishy going on with CBSC, The Ad Standards and broadcasters. This self regulating BS doesn't work.

The Ad Council never got back to me for 5 months and I had to contact them to see if my complaint was being looked at. They say they reply by letter, they simply telephoned me. Very unprofessional considering I wrote them. I have been waiting for the CSBC appeal decision for 8 months!

FYI appeal process is in progress w/ CSBC, the ajudicator deemed my complaint valid and soon (I hope) the 6 member panel will review my complaint and render a decision. I have to wonder if they can force Global to do anything? Anyone out there familiar with CBSC decisions. I have read the panels decisions at the CBSC website on various files but I didn't see  any sanctions etc. ????

As for the other advertisers ... they don't care as long as it doesn't affect their revenue. "Conscience of Convenience"           this is not a van impe site, it's an ANTI van impe page. I bought the domain name for 35 bucks.

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Tommy_Paine wrote:
However, I still believe that in this current climate, pressure on advertisers is the most efficient route.  Just because a major space buyer at Canwest Global isn't associated with any of those infomercials, doesn't negate the fact that their dollars are supporting a network that supports dubious products, services and religious tomfoolery.

Good points, maybe targeting the advertisers before the JVI show, as  here after it are just more Infomercials....


Going to watch it tonight, errrr,  tomorrow morning at 12:30am, to see what is up coming in next weeks news.

bush is gone ha...

Maybe the next step is a complaint to the CRTC.


Good morning,

The CRTC will not look into my complaint until CBSC makes it's ruling and it's been almost 8 months. They will take individual complaints and put them on file however. hint

I want to make one point clear. All I asked Global to do was place a verbal warning (similar to the warnings before FamilyGuy or CSI) re: content not suitable for anyone under 14. Can anyone perhaps someone in tv media explain why they steadfastly refuse to give parents a tool to protect their kids. What the f*#* is wrong with Global TV, do they need $$$ that much that they ignore the effect Van Impe rants may have on young people. I have emails from Karen Clout (also from Global TV) calling me narrow minded and unreasonable for my request. 

We cannot change Van Impe's message but we can stop Global from broadcasting the program/infomercial thus drying up Van Impes' revenue from Canada. We need to do an They are breaking Canadian Associatin of Broadcasters (CAB) clause 8.

"Broadcasters should endeavour to make available to the community adequate opportunity for presentation of religious messages and should also endeavour to assist in all ways open to them the furtherance of religious activities in the community.  Recognizing the purpose of the religious broadcast to be that of promoting the spiritual harmony and understanding of humanity and of administering broadly to the varied religious needs of the community, it shall be the responsibility of each broadcaster to ensure that its religious broadcasts, which reach persons of all creeds and races simultaneously, shall not be used to convey attacks upon another race or religion."

Asking other advertisers/infomercials to boycot Global is too big a task and I don't think it will work in this situation. We need to go after Global via CBSC and CRTC and also perhaps shame them into capitulation by getting media attention (hello CBC). One problem is the CBSC has never had complaints about JVIM and unless people complain the issue is under the radar. Folks who watch the show are devout followers and they will not complain. Other Christian groups don't want to make waves, after all they are "brothers and sisters". What I find quite frustrating is I have contacted Islamic and Jewish groups in Winnipeg on two ocassions and neither got back to me. I wanted to see what they thought about the statement Van Impe made about Muslims hating Jews and perhaps coax a letter out of them to the CBSC/CRTC. How ironic... a staunch atheist advocating on behalf of religious groups.       the anti Van Impe website.


Oh come on, this is one of the best comedies on television! Laughing

What, you mean they actually believe that stuff? Surprised


They could run it against Little Mosque on the Prairie. It'd probably win given the annoying plot lines of LMOTP this year and last.


I hope eveyone had a great holiday season.

Lots has happened since my last post and thanks for the comments.

It's now been 11 months since i submitted my complaint to the CSBC, that's right 11 and it was supposed to take 5 or 6.

The file is awaiting the 6 member panel decision as the secretariat thought the issue was serious enough for the panel to hear.

This is an important time for people to get letters and email into Global, the CRTC and CBSC, For convenience all contact info is at my web site

We all realize Van Impe's message will not change, he's a sociopath BUT we can stop Global TV from airing it by complaing about the content to the CRTC. You cannot say "Muslims hate Jews" for example on Canadian TV in the context of a religious program. Global is breaking the law because the messages spewed by Jack Van Impe Sunday mornings are hate messages folks, there's no way around it if you read the Human Rights Act, Television Broadcast Act and CAB C of Ethics clauses 2 and 8.

One of our supporters wrote an email to Global concerned about the content of the show, Babblers need to read this response and they will see what I have to put up with.... a big brick walls and smoke screens. These people have no problem deliberately deceiving viewers. Read it at bottom of web page.

Tommy_Paine could you email me at [email protected]

Thanks all,



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Question for the legal people here abouts.. what are the dimensions of Canadian Hate Laws? Isn't this sort of ethic slur defined as criminal? That being said, is there a legal loophole for religious persons to avoid the consequences of breaking the Hate Laws? If the Hate Laws are unenforceable why have them? Or are these laws only enforceable in regard to certain groups and certain taboos? For example, it seems to me to be totally "acceptable" (that is, the Hate Laws pertaining are NEVER enforced) to attack and slander Native persons, French persons, etc. in this country. No one will ever be charged for doing so. On the other hand, attack certain others and see what happens. The RCMP will be knocking on your door. Why is that? Why are these laws being selectively enforced?

Why doesn't someone lay charges against these hate mongers on TV? Because they've got money and political connections it's A-OK to spew naked hate all around? 

Charge 'em. Charge 'em all. Arrest 'em. Kick 'em off the air. Better, kick 'em right out of the country (as the government frequently does with other sorts of people who offend certain other sorts of people.) 

Am I really advocating this? No. BUT as long as these sorts of laws are being selectively applied, they should be applied to one and all. One and all, or not at all.


Mr Van Impe fits the description in the Bible, of an anti christ and false prophet..the reason being his  preaching is contrary to the Bible, which is the Holy word of God. Some of the things which are contrary to the Bible are as follows: 

-The secret rapture - non existent

-Hatred of opponents or "enemies"  ..non fact Jesus taught to love your enemies and pray for your enemies, if they are hungry, feed them, if thirsty give them drink.. no where does it say to go bomb and kill

-Observing the first day of the week (sunday) as the holy day each week...God's Holy day each week is the seventh day of the week (Saturday), known as the Sabbath day..The fourth Commandment of the ten Commandments is clear "Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it Holy"

-the doom and gloom Mr Van Impe preaches is basically not Biblical...Jesus said no man knows the time or hour of His return...we know the signs but not the time..and his return does not spell the end of the world...but the end of this age..a New age of Jesus rule on earth will begin, and the earth will be rejuvenated and be the paradise it started out as..that is the book of Revelation from the Bible.

-The Biblical Jews and Muslims have farmed and lived side by side for centuries without hatred and is the false prophets such as Mr Van Impe and others you mention, and politicians who have created the persception of hatred, as well as the Roman Church, from it's beginning in 300 AD circa. with its crusades and inquisitions, which murdered millions of Muslims, and non Catholic christians uinder the guise of christianity.

These are a few examples, more are available for sure..anyone interested please let me know! 

Happy Sabbath day, and God bless us all!



It's interesting how JVI's anti-communist ministering has paralleled the CIA's same agenda over the last 50 some odd years. Televangelists who preach against communism and socialism have done very well financially for decades. It takes money to broadcast hate speech and anticommunism around the world, and they never seem to run out of funding. A "message of hope" wrote:
[color=red]In the coming war with Russia,[/color] nearly all the Arab nations will be allies of Russia, and their primary purpose will be to take a prey -- Israel. The Russians, however, will be marching to the Middle East to take a spoil. They will be pleased to cooperate in the conquest of Israel, knowing that when their military forces overrun the Middle East they will control all the wealth there, including the Arab oil.

JVI admits to preaching against Russia for decades. The CIA, big corporations, and apparently right wing televangelists in America, too, decided long ago that Russia would be their eternal enemy. Anticommunism is their common battle cry as well as the message that mankind is the crowning glory of evolution in all of the universe.

And guess which country is the target of a US-led military build-up to surround them once again?


I just put an entry on the Mcvety thread re: Jack Van Impe the CRTC decision and Global Tv threatening me.

read and weep


that miracle spring water program is so depressing...."divine transfers" of thousands into the bank accounts of the poor, etc.   just send him whatever money you DO have and your bank account will magically be filled with thousands!!

also, those shows where preachers in africa have crowds of hundreds of thousands are very scary.

Jack Van Impe Presents canned.

Finally after 3 years I have some good news.... Jack Van Impe Presents has been taken off the air by the new Global TV handlers at SHAW MEDIA. I guess they realized that Van Impe was a bigot (never mind the charlatan fear monger BS) and was breaking Canadian Broadcast regulations. 

Now the zinger we ratted on JVIM and Global to the CRA. It seems to get Charitable Tax Status you cannot be a bigot or a hate and fear monger and air your crap on TV no matter what the CBSC (usleless and influenced by the networks). Imagine that Jack Van Impe gets a tax break from Canada.

Hopefiully the CRA gets lots of back taxes from both Van Impe and Global TV. Read about the expose and CRA at

Take that Karen Clout. Money mouth