Good Reporters gone elsewhere.

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Good Reporters gone elsewhere.

The CBC has had a purge of a number of good reporters and even the few journalists it once had.

Paul Workman I guess went to CTV although I don't watch CTV so I can't say how much he reports these days.

Krista Erikson got sent to some backwater after giving a lib MP questions to ask cons MPs after they refuse to call on her at their few scrums with reporters. 

Norm Mac is seen very rarely even with all the Warshington stuff.

Instead I am fed a constant diet of the useless Paul Hunter and David Common

Has anyone seen these people lately?

Anyone else you would like to add to the list. 


CBC basically lost major credibility when they signed up signed Rex Murphy up to host X-Canada Checkup. Combine that with losing Hockey Nite in Canada and they have sounded their deathknell.  

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I thought this thread would be about Canadian reporters who've left the country to ply their trade.  Richard Gizbert, for example.


The Ceeb lost Hockey Night in Canada?  Man, their reporters must really suck if they didn't pick up on that story....

MacDonald writes for the web more than he reports now.  He had a really incisive piece in early December, a letter explaining Canadian politics to Americans.

I believe that Erikson is back in Ottowa.  She was slapped on the wrist and told to learn some basic journalistic rules.  I wasn't aware she was such a great journalist.  My understanding is that she went from working in a backwater, to being a backwater anchor, straight to national reporting in Ottowa.  She's in a tough position, in a way: an extremely good looking woman who will have trouble all the time because of it: ie, people will believe she's sucessful because she's hot.  So even if she has some skills they'll be undermined by her appearance. 

I always liked Avril Benoit on radio.  I think she went to work for Doctors Without Borders after hosting my regional morning show for about a week. 

I always figured Canada's best writers went to the States to work for bigger money and more opprotunities. 


The thread is open to all of the above. I would also like to mention Eric Margolis as a good reporter. Never hear of Richard Gizbert thanks LTJ

Cross(angry) Conservative Checkup is such a joke. The way Rex interviews people. You know if I could punch one person through the radio, it would be rex. Because he is "fair and balanced". I don't see it but that is what my con friends tell me. I guess he asks the cons fairly easy questions and this is balanced by shouting down the left when he doesn't agree with them.

LTJ any other people you know of that have left this country to ply their trade, please dont say peter jennings.

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A journalist colluding with politicians in the way Krista Erikson did has departed from the basic standards of journalistic ethics.


CBC didn't lose HNIC.  They lost the HNIC theme.


HNIC is a shadow of itself. It has gotten rid of Brian Williams and Chris cuthbert and brought on people like Milbury and Stock, coplete waste of payroll for these bafoons.

Malcolm, tell me what you would do to get questions answered of the GOVERNING party when they don't do any press?

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thorin_bane wrote:

LTJ any other people you know of that have left this country to ply their trade, please dont say peter jennings.

there is also the former Much VJ: JD Roberts

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There are a number of ways to pose questions.  Journalists coluuding with the subjects of their coverage is unethical.


It is no different that Faux News.


Journalists have used various means to force politicians to answer.  One of the most effective I've seen at various times is simply publishing the questions that the politicians refused to answer.


I don't see it as unethical in any way. The fact that the 'official' opposition is too lazy or stupid to come up with the 2 simple questions she had should be more of an affront to voters than the fact that a journalist had to ask an MP to ask the question during comittee or QP. She also works in TV so she can't publish her questions, nor is she a heavy weight were they would be answered. All the people on the top of the news chain won't ask any tough questions as it would endanger their job, as has been seen by Erikson. Have you ever watched Petey Mansbridge lobb softball after softball at harper, it's disgusting. Do you not think this does not or did not happen in the past?

I would kinda hope if the NDP was in power and tried to be as damn secrative as this POS government that the news would be going to the cons to find out what the GOVERNING party was up to. Government doesn't have to be 100% accountable but how about 2% They don't do interviews unless it suits the PM and only the PM. Glad you are enjoying our totalitarian state.

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The job of a journalist is to cover the story, not create it.  It is perfectly acceptable for a journalist to influence the evolution of the story by the good effect of her coverage.  Erikson made herself a part of the story and colluded with participants in the story to manipulate the story.  Entirely different.


If a right wing journo fed questions to a feckless Tory MP / MLA / MPP to ask an NDP government, the left would - rightly - be crying blue murder.


Erikson, to my mind, is no bettter than Rush Limbaugh.