Google Execs Convicted over Bullying Clip

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Google Execs Convicted over Bullying Clip

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Three Google executives were convicted in Italy yesterday of allowing film of an autistic schoolboy being bullied to be posted online in a ruling that could profoundly change the way in which video clips are put on the internet.

The conviction, for violating the victim’s privacy, was welcomed by lawyers for Vivi Down, an advocacy group for people with Down’s syndrome, which had brought the charges.

The three Google executives — David Drummond, senior vice-president and chief legal officer, George Reyes, Google’s former chief financial officer, and Peter Fleischer, global privacy counsel — were each given a six-month suspended prison sentence, but were cleared of defamation charges. A fourth defendant, Arvind Desikan, senior product marketing manager, was acquitted.

The clip, posted in 2006, showed the pupil being beaten and verbally abused at a school in Turin.