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Greenwald branches out



Why Glenn Greenwald’s new media venture is a big deal


Great stuff, NR, thanks for this!

I love Glenn Greenwald. I hope this venture does turn into a big deal. But I'm also a born and bred skeptic. Without real mass support, it will either be co-opted or financially strangled. It can't just survive on the self-sacrificing efforts of a few good people - even with a philanthropist or two backing them, for the time being.


epaulo13 epaulo13's picture here it is up and running


The Doctrine of Exceptionalism Extends Its Reach  -  by Arthur Silber

"Pierre Omidyar is a multibillionaire. On Fortune magazine's list of 'The World's Billionaires', Omidyar appears as number 123. Fortune describes that article as follows: 'The names, numbers and stories behind the 1,426', people 'who control the world economy.' At 123, Omidyar is very high on the list of people who control the world economy.

This is the man with whom Greenwald has now formed an alliance. This is the man who says he wants to fund journalism which will systematically challenge the powerful.

The entire spectacle is disgusting."

wage zombie

The entire spectacle is disgusting?  Really?


@ Unionist

Without mass support there's no point at all.

I'm an optimist, both in the sense that there are examples of independent media which have done it, and that no matter what the vehicle, Greenwald will keep writing.



Glenn Greenwald's new website launches with fresh NSA revelations

The Intercept one of several sites to be launched by new media company First Look, started by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar


I wonder what Greenwald is getting now that he could not get from the Guardian.

Public Interest Journalism via WSJ connections.




Good question. Why don't you tweet him and ask him?

THough I wouldn't assume anything, certainly not anything negative. It may have more to do with the situation in Britain than at the paper itself, or a desire to start another organization. The Guardian's article on it seems to imply it has more to do with the focus on Snowden's material, and the NSA.

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As that other article said, The Guardian was disappointed to lose him, but I'm not sure they consider it a loss to journalism.




It may have as much to do with this as with anything else:


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Munk Debate on State Surveillance

Michael Hayden, Alan Dershowitz vs. Glenn Greenwald and Alexis O'Hanian